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Posted: Sunday, 21 July 2013 8:21AM

Louisiana GOP plans statewide tour to topple Mary Landrieu

In an effort to unseat Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu next year, the Louisiana Republican Party is planning a statewide tour next month.

"We recognize that we have quite a challenge next year in defeating Senator Landrieu, and it's going to take all hands on deck," says GOP Executive Director Jason Dore.

The state GOP's 'Red to the Roots' 100-city tour will begin in August.

It's goal, says Dore, is to determine potential supporters and activists, establish precinct captains and lay the groundwork for 2014.

"Identify workers that will go out and encourage their friends and their community to go out and support whoever the Republican candidate ends up being, and vote against Mary Landrieu as we return the Senate to Republican hands," Dore says.

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu finds the 'Red to the Roots' tour a little amusing.

"The last time I checked, people loved Purple and Gold, they love Black and Gold. They love red and white, they love blue and white. I think there are lots of different colors that represent our state," laughed Landrieu. "So I'm going to just be continuing to work hard for all the people in Louisiana."

"I don't normally follow what the Republican Party does," Landrieu says. "They seem to be a little bit divided and all over about some of the issues."

Some analysts say Landrieu is vulnerable to defeat, but the three-term senator is confident in her re-election chances next year.

"Forty-eight percent of the people in our state are registered Democrats," she says. "Twenty-four percent are registered Independent. So, the vast majority of people are for practical politics, compromise, moving our country forward and supporting the middle class."

U.S. Representative Bill Cassidy of Baton Rouge and political newcomer Rob Mannes of Madisonville are Landrieu's two republican challengers so far. Cassidy is considered by many to be her strongest challenger.

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