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Posted: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 11:32AM

Jindal commutes sentence of convicted killer

In a rare move for him, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has commuted the sentence of a man sent to prison for life after a murder conviction.

Fifity-year-old Shelby Arabie was sent to Angola 27 years ago for killing a man during a drug deal. 

Jindal has commuted Arabie's life sentence to 45 years.  That makes the inmate eligible for parole right now.

Arabie was convicted of killing 29-year-old Bennie Posey near downtown Baton Rouge.

In his later years in prison, he has received training and become a master auto and truck mechanic, with extensive knowledge of collision repair.

Jindal says numerous people came forward to say Arabie is a changed man.

"Based on the total weight of the evidence, we thought a commutation was appropriate," the governor said.

In his years in Angola, Arabie has helped launch a machine shop at the prison to train inmates in a marketable skill for when they're released.

Jindal says the State Pardon Board unanimously recommended his sentence be shortened.

Jindal says this is not a pardon for Arabie, but his commuted sentence plus "good time" served means he may now apply for parole in order to be released.

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