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Posted: Tuesday, 09 July 2013 2:38PM

ACLU says flag ban proposal fraught with problems

After a controversy over the flying of a gay pride flag in a public park in Lafayette, and talk of restricting the display of flags on public property, the Louisiana ACLU is weighing in on the debate.

Lafayette councilman Andy Nacquin says he wants to restrict the use of government owned flagpoles to allow only government flags, like the American flag, but he says there could be room to allow non-government flags, like Mardi Gras banners.  That's where Louisiana ACLU director Marjorie Esman says things run afoul of the U.S. Constitution.

"They have the right to say 'nobody can fly a private flag on government flagpoles,' they have the right to do that," Esman said, "but they don't have the right to pick and choose which ones can fly."

Esman said if the council wants to limit it to government flags only, that's fine, but "once they say that one private organization can use the flagpole, then they have to let everybody use it, like it or not."

Nacquin says he brought up the issue after constituents complained about the gay pride banner on the park's flagpole.  Organizers of that rally say they had permission to fly it.

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