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Posted: Friday, 05 July 2013 6:11AM

Chances are your spouse is the worst backseat driver you know

Here in the middle of the summer driving season, a recent Insurance.com survey about backseat drivers finds spouses are the top offenders.  

It found friends and mothers are nearly as bad, and in an informal survey in the CBD a lot of people are irritated with a backseat driver.  Who's the worst?  The listed spouses, friends, their kids and their grandchildren.

And a woman waiting for lunch described what her mom subjects her to when she's backseat driving, "Turn there!  Slow down!  Hit the brakes!  Did you see that car?  Oh, no I wasn't yelling at you, I was looking at the other car!"

And a surprising number admitted to being a backseat driver, with woman explaining "It's a control issue."  She says it doesn't really give her greater control, "But it helps me get through it!"

Click here for more on the survey from Insurance.com.

Commenting on driving speed is the most bothersome backseat driver behavior, outpacing the No. 2 offense - giving directions - by 18 points, according to Insurance.com.

The top offenses of passengers are:

Comments on driving speed: 47 percent

Gives directions: 29 percent

Talks too much: 19 percent

Pushes imaginary "brake" with foot: 15 percent

Fiddles with radio or CD player: 10 percent

Talks on phone or texts: 7 percent

Sings: 6 percent

Eats: 3 percent

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