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Posted: Tuesday, 25 June 2013 7:50AM

Survey: It's the summer of home improvement

As home prices rise, homeowners are sprucing up their properties.

A new survey from real estate site Zillow.com shows 60% of owners will be tackling a home improvement project.

Locally, we're working on the yard with sprinkler systems one of the hot items. "Whether it's for a vegetable garden or their lawn," says WWL Home Improvement Show host Paul LaGrange, "This is the time of the year when they get tired of dragging the hoses and sprinklers all over their yard, and moving it every two hours." And he says inground sprinkler systems are continuing to be a big trend, as landscaping continues to get more elaborate.

Outdoor kitchens are also big locally LaGrange says, and in addition to grills and smokers which can get quite extravagant, some other items homeowners are adding include "outdoor refrigeration, icemakers, wine coolers, some outdoor stoves, and ceiling fans to move some air."

And that's not all local homeowners are doing to cool down outside. "They're also doing some really neat things with misters," says LaGrange. "So the water is misting over the edge of the enclosure, so if you want to get cooled off you can just walk over to the mister and get a little more comfortable."

Nationally Zillow says updating a bathroom, or backyard projects are the most popular this summer with the median of what we'll be spending around $1200.

Click here for the Zillow survey.

LaGrange says local homeowners are spending anywhere to a few thousand dollars on a new outdoor kitchen, to elaborate areas with outdoor big screen TVs and more that can run $40,000-$50,000.

Listen to LaGrange's show Saturday mornings on WWL-AM/FM.

Click here for more on Paul LaGrange.

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