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Posted: Monday, 24 June 2013 4:36AM

New video technology tries to stop crimes before they happen

A local company is one of only a handful of companies in the U.S. that are using new technology with video cameras to spot suspicious activity without the help of a human being.  

Crescent Guardian's Vice President of Marketing Ray Cavanagh says the goal is to actually stop crimes and terrorism before it happens, as new software spots out of the ordinary events.

The video software can spot "any type of behavior that is unusual, if you have a large number of people gathering, if there are packages are left behind, if there are vehicles or personnel going to places that they shouldn't," Cavanagh says.

And it makes cameras smart enough to spot and isolate other suspicious activity, like smoke in the area or a car driving erratically.

Cavanagh says alerts on suspicious behavior are then sent to security personnel on their computer or mobile device.

This technology could have helped potentially in the Boston Marathon bombings as it can detect, without human input, things like a package or backpack left under a bench, or a bag left behind at places like an airport or train station.

Cavanagh says it also reduces the amount of video that human beings actually have to look at, so in some ways he says it's not as intrusive.  

This technology employs cameras that are already in use.

Crescent Guardian is based in New Orleans.

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