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Posted: Thursday, 20 June 2013 8:49AM

Controversy over Cap'n Crunch?!?

The Wall Street Journal has put a spotlight on an odd controversy that has some people on the Internet and in the Navy all worked up.

The question:  Is Cap'n Crunch really a captain?

"A new scandal is consuming the U.S. Navy and one of  the world's most venerated captains: Cap'n Crunch," the Journal writes. "The legendary cereal icon's status as a captain has come under fire after eagle-eyed writers noticed that Cap'n Crunch only wears the bars of a Navy commander, not those of a captain. In the U.S. Navy, captains wear four bars on their uniforms, while  commanders —  one rank below captain – have three bars."

It comes after the online food site, Foodbeast, wrote that the Cap'n is a "big, fat LIAR."

The Journal reported that the makers of Cap'n Crunch took to Twitter to defend their cereal mascot.

"All hearsay and misunderstandings! I captain the S.S. Guppy with my crew – which makes an official Cap'n in any book! Of course I'm a Cap'n! It's the Crunch – not the clothes – that make a man. #PaidMyDues"

Apparently the Pentagon even got involved.

The Journal quoted Lt. Commander Chris Servello, director of the U.S. Navy's news desk at the Pentagon, "We have no Cap'n Crunch in the personnel records – and we checked... We have notified NCIS and we're looking into whether or not he's impersonating a naval officer – and that's a serious offense."

That raised the question of whether or not Cap'n Crunch is even American.  His Napoleon-style hat had some asking if he is French.

His online bio says he is from Crunch Island in the Sea of Milk.  It also says his full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch. He commands the S.S. Guppy and battles archenemies Jean LaFoote, a pirate.

The story sparked a spirited discussion on the Early Edition of WWL First News where people shared their favorite breakfast cereals.  Here are some of the responses people texted to 870870:

Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids.
King Vitaman
Cheerios. Big G little o, GO!
Raisin bran
Lucky charms
Like to hear the rice crispies talk
I can't believe no one mentioned Golden Grams. My brothers & I could clear a box in one morning.
He likes it, hey Mikey (Life)
Crackers and milk was the bomb when I was a kid
What about LIFE
life cereal
Sugar puffs
Apple jacks and Franken berry!
Cooa cooa puffs fruit loops
Raisan Bran Crunch
Captain Crunch with Blackburn syrup!!!
I'm kookoo for coco puffs
Tony the Tiger… Frosted flakes are great!
Did you eat your Wheaties
Cinnamon toast crunch
Cinnamon toast crunch is the Bomb!
The original Kelloggs Corn flakes in ice cold milk with sugar! Nothing else compares!
Boo Berry!!!
Boo Berries
Count Chocula ! .... Ah Ah Ah !
I miss the commercials with Sugar Bear singing Can't get enough of that Sugar Crisp!
Oh those Golden Grahams.
2 scoops of raisins in a package of Kellogg's raisin bran
Golden Grahams!
Cocco pebbles
Cant stand capn crunch. As a kid i loved corn flakes in chocolate milk
Count Cocula
Honey bunches of oats with almonds!!! #1
Cinnamon toast crunch.
Frosty mini wheats
Mini wheats
Frosted flakes. They re grrreat!
Honey combs
Worst cereal has got to be gape nuts. BLAH!
Lucky frickin charms!!! Their magicly delicious
Its been discontinued but Dunkin Donuts cereal
Apple jacks
Cookie Crisp w/ whip cream sprayed on top. OMG if you haven't tried it you might want to
Despite the controversy Cap'n Crunch is still one of my favorite cereals yet
I can't believe nobody mentioned honey comb. It was a childhood favorite
Frosted Flakes!! THERE GREAT!!!!
Favorite cereal? Captain Crunch! No feeling like having a raw mouth from eating those hard golden sweet bits!
Life! Ask Mikey HE LIKES IT!
Inf officer ship or shore in the navy is giving the title captain
Frosted flakes- They're great!
Apple jacks
Really The Wall Street Journal really must not have too much to write about
Honeycomb's good, yeah yeah yeah!
Cookie crisp
Kellogg Corn Flakes add sugar and bananas. Hungry!!!!!
Honey Bunches of Oats! Mmmm yea!
Canaabanoid Puffs
Cinnamon toast crunch is da bomb.
Corn flakes
Frosted flakes! There not JUST good there great
Cookie crisps
Apple jacks
Mr Tee ceral
Can't beat Frosted Flakes. Go Tony!!
Corn pops
There's a new cereal called Krave that I'm pretty sure s crafted by angels in heaven.
Fruity freakin pebbles
I love my Captain Crunch all berries
Lucky charms
The classic Golden Grahms will always be at the top
Cocoa Krispies. All the way.
my favorite cereal got discontinued it was rice krispies with marshmallows in it so now I buy plain rice krispies get a box of Lucky Charms take the marshmallows out add to the rice krispie shake it up and you'd like that the best you want to try it
Count chocula...love it...wish it was available all year long instead of just the fall...robbie..chalmette
Great grains raisins, dates, and pecans. Best cereal ever in the history of best cereals ever!
Sugar smacks
Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch
Try mixing cocoa crispies with honey bunches of oats with almonds
Alphabets I don't think they make it anymore
Qisp used to be my favorite
Graham crackers and milk

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