LSU Request

LSU's AD appeals to fans going to the South Carolina game

LSU Athletic Director Joe Aleva wrote a letter to the fans ahead of Saturday's relocated game between LSU and South Carolina in Tiger Stadium. He is encouraging fans to bring cash to donate to the Red Cross for flood relief efforts in South Carolina.  Read more...
Inside the SEC

Steve: Plenty of In-Conference Action Week 6 "Inside the SEC"

While there only six games being played within the SEC this week, most of the match-ups are intriguing. Teams idle this week are Kentucky, Auburn, Texas A&M and Auburn. Let's go "Inside the SEC" for Saturday October 10th:  Read more...
Unusual Game

T Bob: LSU preview... make the Gamecocks feel welcome

This weekend's LSU- South Carolina game has taken on a special meaning that transcends a simple game of football.  In a narratively fitting twist of fate, the Carolina region has been deeply affected by floods making it impossible for South Carolina to host LSU in Columbia... Read more

LSU blockers energized by Fournette's powerful presence

Leonard Fournette won't answer a question about any of his game-breaking runs without showering praise upon his blockers, which means No.7 LSU might have the most compliment-drenched linemen and fullback in college football right now. Read more...

LSU-South Carolina Preview

So far only Mother Nature has stopped Leonard Fournette and LSU. A month after having one game canceled due to thunderstorms, more inclement weather is a major factor for the undefeated Tigers. Read more...