Pads Poppin

Kristian: Tempo, tempo, tempo as Saints put on the pads

The Saints went right to it in the first day of pads.  You can always feel the energy level of the first day in pads.  Players are usually tweeting about it the night before and yapping about it before getting on the field. Read More
Resident Pros

Bobby: Saints linebackers look better than they did a year ago

Saints camp got kicked up a notch today at the Greenbrier.  Read More
Better Days?

Saints safety Jairus Byrd says last 2 years have been 'tough'

When you mention Jairus Byrd’s name to Saints fans, expect to see eyes rolling. The safety was given a 6 year, $54 million deal and was thought to be the ball-hawking presence the Black & Gold were missing to make another championship run. Read more...
Saints DTs

Deke: When it comes to Saints D, it's all about the DTs!

In the history of football at any level, when it comes to defense you don’t have to look any further than a team’s defensive line. Read More
Pass Rush?

Steve: Cam Jordan willing to do whatever it takes for the Saints

The defensive line has been the major reason for the teams’ problems. When you look at the lack of a pass rush coupled with the inability to stop running backs, it’s actually pretty amazing the Saints were even able to achieve a 7-9 record. Read More