Wasting Money?

LSP investigates troopers' side trips to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon

Louisiana State Police has launched an investigation into the spending of four troopers who made stops at the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas while on their way to a training conference in San Diego. Read more...
First Month

Trump marks his first month with tweets, turmoil

One month after the inauguration, the stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of Donald Trump's White House still is a hard-hat zone. Skeletal remains of the inaugural reviewing stands poke skyward.  Read more...
Scoot Blog

Scoot: Who is the enemy of the American people - the media or Trump?

Is the new media really the “enemy of the American people?”  From the perspective of President Trump, the answer is “yes!”  However, beyond Trump’s inner circle and beyond Trump’s most loyal followers, the news media is more the savior than the enemy of the America people. Read More
Politics Stress

Report: Political stress at an all-time high

A new poll from the American Psychological Association finds stress caused by politics at an all time high -- and the stress crosses party lines. Seventy-two percent of Democrats said the election results are still causing them stress. Fifty-nine percent of Republicans said... Read more
Ban Begins

30-day crabbing ban in effect

A 30-day closed season for crabbing begins today in the Bayou State. Crustacean Program Manager for Marine Fisheries at LDWF Jeff Marx says the crab population is down in Louisiana. He says they’re hoping this ban will help boost the crab population ...Read more