Scoot Blog

Scoot: Adrian Peterson sparks debate over spanking vs beating

Contrary to what many people have been led to believe, it is legal to spank your children, but it is not legal to “beat” your children and parents are expected to understand the difference.  A spanking is intended to punish a child – not hurt a child. Read More
Under Fire?

NFL feeling pain over domestic abuse

The National Football League finds itself in a public relations nightmare when it comes to dealing with domestic abuse. So says the president of a crisis management company called Lexicon. Read more...
SEC Rankings

Deke: SEC rankings, week four

Well folks, if the SEC West added Georgia, Missouri and South Carolina, then the rest of the nation's games really wouldn't matter.  Currently all seven of the SEC West's members are ranked among the top 42 teams in the nation with five of the West schools being in the top 10. Read More
LSU Defense

T-Bob: Just how good is LSU's defense? One of the best

Although the last two games haven’t been against the best opponents, LSU’s defense has been DOMINANT in every sense of the word. Read More

Unlock the Million Dollar Vault!

Starting Monday, September 15, WWL will give you a chance to win $1,000,000.00! That's no typo. One MILLION dollars could be yours in our nationwide Million Dollar Vault Contest! Read More