Medical Pot

LSU Board of Supervisors okays the growing of medical marijuana

The LSU Board of Supervisors gives the school’s ag center the green light to begin the process of growing medical marijuana that would be dispensed to eligible Louisiana patients. LSU Ag Center Chancellor Doctor Bill Richardson says they plan to grow medical weed ...Read more

Britain's historic vote to leave the European Union

An organization of the world's central banks says it's confident that market uncertainty following Britain's vote to leave the European Union can be contained with good global cooperation. 
The Bank for International Settlements said in a statement Friday  ...Read more
Child Abuse?

Agencies at odds over mom who whipped her kids over alleged burglary

State and local agencies are apparently not in agreement on what to do in the case of a mother who harshly disciplined her sons... who she says committed a crime.  The punishment for the 10, 12 and 13 year old boys is generating emotional debate. Read more...

Luxury riverboat to cruise from Gretna

City leaders in Gretna are excited about the announcement of a new luxury riverboat coming to town. 'The Louisiane' used to be the Columbia Queen in Oregon.  It's going to be docked at the Gretna ferry terminal and will create a nearly a hundred new jobs.  Read more...

US jury deciding racketeering case against convicted killer

Jurors are deliberating federal charges against a New Orleans crime figure already serving a life sentence on a state murder charge.  Telly Hankton and three other defendants awaited a verdict Friday in the federal racketeering trial that opened June 6.  Read more...