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Posted: Wednesday, 19 June 2013 2:21PM

Jindal calls on GOP to stop ''bed wetting''

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has tough words for his own party in an opinion piece he wrote for the website Politico.com. The Governor criticizes the right's inability to stand up for conservative values, saying the GOP needs to stop "bed wetting" and go on the offensive.

In the Politico piece, Jindal says at some point, American will revolt against "the nanny state and the leftward march of this president". LSU political science professor Kirby Goidel feels this is clear indication that Jindal is posturing for a possible White House bid in 2016.

The piece, by the man who coined the phrase "the Party of Stupid", is critical of Republicans inactivity, saying "excessive navel-gazing leads to paralysis", and the GOP needs to "go kick the other guys around."

Goidel says Jindal's terse words are clearly a bid for a place on the national political stage--positioning himself against so-called moderate Republicans like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

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