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Posted: Thursday, 13 June 2013 1:17PM

CCC toll booths hauled away

Drivers who use the Crescent City Connection bridge will notice some big changes to the toll plaza on the Westbank. The Department of Transportation and Development started removing the toll booths this morning, in a big project that could stretch through the summer.

Five of the twelve toll booths were taken away and stored nearby by the time work stopped early this morning.  DoTD engineer Scott Boyle says there was some heavy lifting going on.

''The booths weigh about 2500 pounds and they're bolted down and we've got a big crane out there and we've got to be careful because we're working in traffic.''

Listen to DoTD engineer Scott Boyle-Interview:

Boyle says a lot of work must be done before they can lift the booths off the foundations.

''It takes approximately 16 hours just to disconnect all the underground utilities to each booth.''

The toll booths are being preserved for future use as spares for the LA-1 toll bridge.  He says there will be lane closures as they continue their work through mid July and the final plans for lane configuration and striping are still in the planning stages.  

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