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Posted: Wednesday, 29 May 2013 7:48AM

Mary Landrieu 'toss-up' for reelection?

More than a year until the Congressional mid-term elections, and a group of Washington "political handicappers" say Senator Mary Landrieu's chances of reelection have dropped to "pure toss-up."

Why is Senator Landrieu seen as vulnerable by the non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report?

While Mary Landrieu's hasn't exactly been a Barack Obama cheerleader, she is a Democrat in a state now firmly Republican.

"She's being influenced by outside sources," said University of Louisiana-Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley.  "President Obama is not particularly popular, he's being hit on all sides right now between Libya, IRS and controversial action within the justice department as it relates to journalists."

Stockley says those are  reasons Rothenberg would give Landrieu 50-50 odds of reelection, but Stockley says outsiders also don't understand that Landrieu has survived such challenges before.

"Even though outside observers are quick to point out that she is a Democrat in a very red state, she is also a three-term senator with a lot of power and a lot of clout and a lot of money," Stockley said.

Recently, Landrieu has supported the Obama administration's health care overhaul, the White House's push to expand Medicaid, and the administration-backed expansion of criminal background checks on gun buyers.

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