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LSU post game quotes after Arkansas Victory

Coach Paul Mainieri
Opening Statement
“We get to stick around for another day. We’re happy about that. The key to our game today was our pitching, which was absolutely phenomenal. To give a team like Arkansas one hit through nine innings was amazing. I thought Hunter Newman was key to the game because he got us off to a good start. He threw the ball well. Unfortunately, we had to take him out in the fifth. Our guys coming out of the bullpen were fantastic, beginning with Will. It was a great pitching performance by our team. We pitch, play defense and scratch a couple across. That’s what we did today.”

On team’s depth
“As soon as we got the last out, I started looking at it again. I think we’re going to be okay for tomorrow. We’ve got a handful of guys that are rested and ready to go. I don’t doubt that Chris Cotton will be available. The great thing about him is that not only does he get the job done, he gets it done fast. I don’t think we’ll have trouble tomorrow. We just need to pitch well.”

On Mark Laird’s injury
“He made a great catch in practice. When we went to field the ball, he stepped on his glove and rolled his ankle. He was down for a while. He had an x-ray this morning and he has an ankle sprain. We don’t know how severe it is. We’ll get an MRI Monday morning.”

Raph Rhymes
On confidence in teammates
“I think that’s what makes this team so special. When a guy goes down, there’s another guy waiting for his turn. I think Jared Foster was ready for the opportunity and took advantage of it.”

On playing for the SEC Championship
“This is what it’s all about. We get to wake up in the morning and play for the championship. That’s why I came back for my senior year. We’re here to win championships and now we have the opportunity to do that.”

Christian Ibarra
On Arkansas rivalry
“This is the first year I’ve had to face Arkansas. They are a great scrappy team. They get the hit-and-runs and that’s what makes them a great team. I enjoy playing against them.”

Will LaMarche
On confidence from his double play
“That’s what we work on almost every practice. We work on double play kind of things. I really didn’t have to think. For this to happen really boosted my confidence and created more energy for me. I just embraced the moment instead of trying to downplay emotions. Focusing on the positives helps with me getting outs.”

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LSU vs Arkansas

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