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Posted: Thursday, 23 May 2013 2:42PM

The tale of holiday crawfish

With beef prices going sky-high, some consumers might want to consider boiling some Crawfish over the long holiday weekend.

Even though the season is nearing the end, prices are finally down to some decent numbers, according to crawfish researcher Dr. Greg Lutz at the LSU Ag center.

''At this point in the season things have really begun to wind down and a lot of producers are calling it quits at this point,'' said Dr. Lutz.

Listen to Dr. Greg Lutz:

Lutz says the availability is staring to diminish, even though the size and the price of the mud bugs are as good as they've been this year.  Boiled bugs are as low as two bucks a pound.

''Certainty there are still some crawfish out there on the market and if you really want them, you should be able to find them,'' he said.

Dr. Lutz says people should call in advance to secure an order, especially for those folks getting several sacks.  So far there's no concern yet about hard shells.

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