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Posted: Wednesday, 22 May 2013 1:12PM

New Orleans public schools celebrate!

The Recovery School District's New Orleans schools led the state in performance growth on state tests in 2013, and showed the largest growth over the last six years. According to data released by the Louisiana Department of Education today, RSD New Orleans has narrowed the achievement gap with the state to 12 points. This means public schools in New Orleans have continued to outpace state growth and have narrowed the achievement gap to a mere 6 percentage points from 23 points in 2007.

Leslie Jacobs is the founder of Educate Now and credits teachers and students for hard work.

''The amount of improvement our schools and students have shown is just really, really exciting," said Jacobs.

Listen to Leslie Jacobs:

The six percent jump over last year means public schools in the city have narrowed the achievement gap dramatically, after being down 23 points from the state average just five years ago.

''If we have that kind of growth again next year, we will be within one or two points of the state average and so two years of outperforming the state at this rate and we will be above the state average,'' Jacobs said.

Despite the good news, there is still plenty of room for improvement.  While 57 percent of the students in New Orleans tested proficient on Leap, some 43 percent are still below their grade level.

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