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Posted: Wednesday, 22 May 2013 6:06AM

Study: Hungry shoppers load up on junk food

When you grocery shop definitely can affect your waistline.

We've all gone grocery shopping when we were hungry, but a new study proves that it really can be detrimental to your waistline.

This new JAMA Internal Medicine study finds we don't necessarily buy more food when we're ravenous, but we do buy a lot more junk food, about 23% more. 

Click here for more on the study from JAMA.

"For example rather than buying low calorie, high nutrition foods that may take a little time to prepare once we get home, like fruits and vegetables," says Rebecca Miller, an LSU Health Sciences Center licensed dietician/nutritionist, we buy grab and go items or convenience foods that don't take any time to prepare.   "They have very little nutrients in them and they're packed with calories."

And if you're doing a week's worth of shopping, she says those calories really add up as this study shows it's not that we're loading the cart with more food, but we do buy a lot more high calorie items.

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