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Posted: Monday, 20 May 2013 9:48AM

Termite time, the swarms are starting in S.E. Louisiana

We saw some parts of Southeast Louisiana filled with swarming termites the last couple of nights.  People complained about the pests in their hair and even flying into their mouths.

Experts say if you want the flying bugs to stay away from you home, turn off the lights or get the right bulbs.

"If you get yellow lights or amber lights, that's going to greatly reduce their attraction to the light," advised Dr. Dennis Ring at the LSU AgCenter.

He says if you find a few termites walking or flying in your home, that's normal.

"They're going to die... in most cases they've got to have soil contact," Ring explained.  "It's very unsettling, but those are going to die."

But if there are huge numbers of them inside, that should be cause for taking action.

"If you have hundreds or even thousands of swarmers in your structure, that strongly suggest that your house is already infested and you need to get someone out there."

The entomologist says the reason that the termites are swarming is that they are looking for new spots in the ground to establish a colony.

"That's part of their ecology to try and start new colonies.  Everyone should be sure that their structure is treated... they are very destructive," Dr. Ring insisted.  "The ones that land and start a new colony and eventually try to enter the structure, that's the ones to be concerned about."

He says the major swarms generally run from May through July, "off and on."

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