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Posted: Monday, 13 May 2013 9:03AM

Caller tells Tommy Tucker what happened at 2nd Line shooting

Witnesses say things went from wonderful to tragic in no time at all Sunday afternoon at the Mother's Day Second Line.

A caller to WWL First News with Tommy Tucker described the scene at Frenchman and North Villerie as "everything beautiful about New Orleans."

"There were people there obviously fresh from Church in their Sunday best, there were kids everywhere, the barbecue smell in the air," he said of the second line in the 7th Ward.  "So many people were there with their mothers."

He explained how it suddenly changed.

"I have never... felt that kind of fear in my life," Kiron said.  "If you didn't get shot, you got trampled."

The 28-year-old caller said chaos erupted as the bullets flew.

"All hell broke loose," he explained.  "Whoever these guys was, they had no compassion for human life... not trying to hit one person."

Listen to all of Tommy Tucker's conversation with Kiron:

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