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Posted: Sunday, 12 May 2013 4:30PM

12 shot at Mother's Day second line

A mother's day second line went horribly wrong in New Orleans 7th ward.  Police say as ten police officers escorted the three or four hundred celebrants, at least two people started shooting.

A dozen victims were hurt. The youngest victim is a ten year old child.  

Paramedics say three of the injured suffered critical wounds.

It happened near Frenchmen and North Villere.

Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas told reporters that a 10-year-old girl grazed by a bullet was among those wounded in the shooting around 2 p.m. She was in good condition. He said three or four people were in surgery but their conditions weren't known. No deaths were reported.

Serpas said that the procession had been accompanied by officers, who saw two or three suspects run from the scene in the city's 7th Ward.

Officials say were about 200 people at the event when gunfire erupted.

Nobody has been arrested. It's unclear what sparked the gunfire.

Second-line parades are loose processions in which people dance down the street, often following behind a brass band. They can be impromptu or planned and are sometimes described as moving block parties.

A social club called The Original Big 7 organized Sunday's event.

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