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Posted: Friday, 10 May 2013 1:53PM

Double lottery fortunes this weekend

The lines at your local lottery dealers could be longer than usual today and tomorrow.  There are a couple of big jackpots going up for grabs. Tonight, its the Mega-Millions drawing for $154 million.  Saturday's Powerball drawing is up to $270 million.

Neither are record-breakers, but it is nice to dream about, said Louisiana Lottery spokeswoman Kimberly Chopin.

''It certainly is, we're talking $175.8 million for the cash payout, if you decided to take the lump sum,'' Chopin said about Saturday's Powerball.

Listen to an interview with Kimberly Chopin:

Chopin said it has been along time since there was a winner in Louisiana.

''The last Powerball jackpot won in Louisiana was in July of 2010 and that was for $85.7 million dollars," she said.

There have been a string of big Powerball prizes that started when the game went to two dollars a ticket.  The Powerball is also available now in ever state that has a lottery, including California.

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