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Posted: Wednesday, 08 May 2013 3:39PM

Report: LSU athletics 7th in earnings

LSU athletics earned a total of $114,787,786 in 2012, according to USA Today.  That places it seventh in the nation among public colleges and universities.  According to the report, LSU athletics spent $101,989,116.

LSU Associate Director of Athletics Herb Vincent said when athletics profits, the university benefits.

"Right now, LSU Athletics passes $7.2 million per year back to the academic side of the university," Vincent said.

The university's athletics earnings are made entirely through broadcast rights, ticket sales, merchandise sales and other fan-supported measures.

"LSU's one of only seven schools in the country that takes no state tax dollars and uses no student fees," said Vincent.  "All money is self-generated and the athletic department remains self sufficient."

In the SEC, only Texas A&M, Florida and Alabama earned more than LSU, although all three of those schools received subsidies, according to the paper.  The University of Texas Longhorns program, at $163,295,115 in earnings in 2012, led the nation.

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