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Posted: Wednesday, 08 May 2013 2:57PM

Does Landrieu have a lock on a second term?

In order to achieve many of the goals outlined in his state of the city address,  New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is going to need a second term, and right now, that looks very achievable. UNO Political analyst Ed Chervenak says Landrieu is showing a 70 percent approval rating and although he ranks a little lower with majority black voters in the city, that's not a problem either.

''He's got about a 60 percent job approval rating in the African-American community. He's one of the few politicians in the city that can transcend race,'' said Chervenak.

Click here to listen to Tommy Tucker's interview with UNO professor Ed Chervenak.

With the primary less than a year away it seems no one's even talking about challenging Landrieu according to Chervenak.

''No ones really come out and said that they're out there forming an exploratory committee or they're out there raising money, so if someone's doing it they're under the radar right now,'' Chervenak explained.

Chervenak says any challenger would have to self-finance a very expensive campaign in a short period time. If he had nothing else, Landrieu also has history on his side, as no incumbent Mayor has been denied a second term in New Orleans. The primary comes up next February.

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