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Posted: Tuesday, 07 May 2013 6:11AM

Study: Louisiana one of the best places to retire

If you think someday you may have to sell your home and move to Florida or Nevada to retire, think again because we're already in one of the top retirement states.

Louisiana comes in at number two on Bankrate.com's list of top states to retire and one of the big reasons is the low cost of living, and low taxes, even though Louisiana does have an income tax unlike traditional retirement havens like Florida and Arizona.  "We're factoring in property taxes, sales taxes, the whole slew of what can be considered state and local taxes to get an overall tax rate for each of these places," says Chris Kahn, an analyst at Bankrate.com.

Bankrate.com chose questions they say soon-to-be-retirees should be asking before they relocate.

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Kahn says access to health care is also very good here, as is the weather and the low cost of living.  "So there's a lot to like about Louisiana.  The one knock on Louisiana was the property and violent crimes per capita category.  We have you ranked as one of the highest." 

This state comes in the third worst on this list actually, following Washington D.C. (not a state, but still included in this list) and New Mexico.

Mississippi came in as the fifth top state for retirement, and Tennessee takes the top spot.

The study says about Louisiana, "Besides jazz and beignets, Louisiana offers retirees an excellent combination of low taxes (the Tax Foundation ranks it as the fourth lowest in the nation) and balmy weather. Louisiana has a 30-year average temperature -- that includes both winter lows and summer highs -- of 66.7 degrees. That's higher than every other state except Hawaii and Florida. It also has better-than-average access to medical care and a relatively low cost of living."

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