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Posted: Friday, 03 May 2013 6:27AM

Anti-circumcision activists coming to NOLA want doctors to put down the knife

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists meets in New Orleans starting this weekend and a group against circumcising baby boys is setting up a demonstration outside the Morial Convention Center. 

Intact America wants the practice stopped in the U.S. and they're using a rolling billboard and protest Saturday to make that point in the CBD.

The ob-gyn group already says doctor's should not routinely recommend circumcision to parents, but protesters want to make their point to what they call "the largest assemblage of baby-cutters under one roof." 

I asked local folks which side they're taking in this ongoing debate.  "Well, my children had it done and I thought it was a good thing.  And I think they can clean theirself better with it."

Others, mainly women, agreed that cleanliness was definitely an issue with uncircumcised males.

And the reaction most men had to Intact America's recommendation that the decision should be left up to the male to decide when he's an adult, "I think it would be rather painful," one man snorted.  Other's made the observation that most men would never get circumcised as an adult given a choice, due to the above-referenced pain issue.

Local folks overwhelmingly agree that parents should make that decision.  "There's good a reason to circumcise babies based on health and for some people based on Biblical beliefs," a man downtown told me, as many people cited religious concerns regarding circumcision.

Others don't think Intact America should get involved in this issue, as this man puts it, "I think unfortunately there are too many people that stick their nose in other people's business."

Intact America says their mobile billboard will be circling the Convention Center neighborhood and along Canal Street Saturday.
Click here for more from Intact America.
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