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Posted: Thursday, 02 May 2013 6:04AM

Survey: Young people are even answering a text message during a job interview

According to a recent survey of Human Resource professionals, recent graduates are not very professional when it comes to the interviewing process.  The York College of Pennsylvania study shows them even taking phone calls and answering text messages during a job interview.

HR professionals report a feeling of entitlement is still prevalent in the Millennial Generation, those 18-34 years old. 

And those I asked about it in the CBD recently tell me they see the same type of behavior, for example when they're trying to get service at a business, "I think it's rude," is how one woman put it.
Another admits he's done that, "No, that's not O.K....I've apologized."

And another woman says she sees it everywhere, "Even in church."

A lot of locals I talked to think texting has gotten out of hand, and they're irritated by people bumping into them walking down hallways or the street, and even more dangerously, while they are driving.

Another man says he thinks it's inappropriate altogether, "I think it's diminishing our intelligence and our ability to communicate.  I think it's deranging the species.  That's an extreme example, that somebody would be texting (during a job interview) and be so distracted during something that would materially benefit them.  It's a sign of addiction."

Click here for more on the study.

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