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Posted: Wednesday, 01 May 2013 3:23PM

Mayor Landrieu vetoes food truck rule changes

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has vetoed changes the City Council made to allow for more food trucks.

The ordinance the council approved last month would have expanded the number of permits for mobile food vendors.  It also included a myriad of rules and regulations, from being parked near a publicly-accessible restroom to not being too closed to established restaurants.

Council president Stacy Head was the ordinance's sponsor.

The mayor's office issued the following statement giving their reasons for the veto:

"Both the author of the ordinance and its principal proponent have publically stated their belief that elements of the adopted ordinance as amended may be unconstitutional.

"Further, the City Attorney has raised Equal Protection concerns and opined that this ordinance would not withstand a legal challenge.  It would be unwise to sign this ordinance into law in its current form when it appears certain that it will be invalidated by the court.
"My veto notwithstanding, I strongly support Councilmember At-Large Head and the City Council’s efforts to update the City Code regulations pertaining to itinerant vendors, including those governing frozen seafood, vegetable and fruit, and food trucks.
"Accordingly, I have directed my staff to work with the Council to immediately address this issue and develop changes which will result in mobile food vending laws which are legal, fair, enforceable and best serve the industry and the people of New Orleans."

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