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Posted: Tuesday, 30 April 2013 1:31PM

Times-Picayune (sort of) returns to daily printing

Just weeks before New Orleans billionaire John Georges takes ownership of the Advocate newspaper, the owners of the Times-Picayune are apparently rethinking their strategy of only printing three days a week.

NOLA Media Group today announced they will print an apparently scaled-down version of the paper on days when the full paper is not printed.  "TPStreet" will appear in newsstands on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, according to publisher Jim Amoss.  He describes the new edition as a "tab-sized format" paper costing 75 cents that focuses "on breaking news, sports, and entertainment."

Last year, the publishers of TP said the reason for moving to the three-day-a-week model was to shift resources to the blossoming domain of digital news coverage.  However, the paper's publishers have apparently reacted to months of backlash from readers in deciding to offer a daily print publication.

Following the widespread outcry from locals over the loss of the daily edition of the long-running paper, the Baton Rouge Advocate quickly moved to print and deliver a daily New Orleans edition. Georges' purchase of the Advocate is seen by many as a move that will further expand the Advocate's New Orleans presence.

In a statement on Nola.com explaining the new publication, TP President and Publisher Ricky Mathews acknowledged the new publication is in response "to a repeated request from our home-delivery subscribers for a front-to-back newspaper reading experience in the e-edition on days we don’t offer home delivery."

However, the new print edition of "TPStreet" will not be available for home delivery and will only be sold on the streets of the Metro New Orleans area. Paid subscribers of the regular 3-day-a-week paper will be able to access "TPStreet" online, as well as an electronic version of the full 3-day-a-week TP edition.

Shortly after the announcement, social media commentary about the new TP plan was often skeptical.  

Forbes.com blogger John McQuaid Tweeted, "You now need a spreadsheet to understand the Times-Picayune print publishing schedule."  Pod Katt, the Twitter feed of LSU's SBNation blogs, posted: "Times Picayune to combat encroachment by the Advocate with revolutionary "Print every day" concept, populace amazed."

Blogger Aprile Siese wrote, “I keep thinking this is a joke.”   Will Samuels, owner of Metairie smoothie shop La Dolce Nola, Tweeted, “The Times-Picayune today unveiled an innovative program in which it will deliver its tweets by mail.”  

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