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Posted: Tuesday, 30 April 2013 1:44PM

A major salvage operation in Bayou St.John

The search for missing school teacher Terrilynn Monette will intensify next week, as a private salvage company has volunteered to start removing over 20 vehicles from the bottom of Bayou St. John.  

State Rep. Austin Badon, who has been at the forefront of the search for Monette was surprised to find out what was down there.

''Initially I had heard the number of maybe 8 or 9, then when we did the further searches we found 25 to 26 targets and those targets have been identified as
vehicles,'' said Badon.

Listen to Austin Badon:

Badon said even if they don't find any connection to the missing teacher Monette, it's possible that other crimes might be solved in this operation.

''Police will be there because there could potentially be other crime scenes,'' he said.

The salvage crew is set to start the major operation on Monday.  Monette was last seen on a traffic camera driving in the area March second.

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