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Dave's way to remember how many days in each month

After this morning's discussion about how I remember which months have 31 days and which do not, I said I would try to explain it with pictures on our website... so here goes.

Start on your left hand, look at your pinky finger knuckle.  That is January, and it has 31 days.  Then look at the space between your pinky and ring finger knuckle.  That is February, and it has less than 31 days.  The next knuckle (your ring finger) is March, and it has 31 days... and so on.  All of the knuckles have 31, and the space between the knuckles (valley) have 30 - except February which has 28 or 29.

You just keep going knuckle, valley, knuckle, valley... until you run out of knuckles on your left hand.  Then you start with the index finger on your right hand and follow the same pattern.

It sounds amazingly confusing when you try to explain it, or write it, but it's really a very easy way for me to remember which months have 31 days and which do not.

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