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Posted: Tuesday, 30 April 2013 8:59AM

Lawmakers to consider more restrictions on where people can smoke in Louisiana

The question of where people can and can't smoke in Louisiana is scheduled to comes up before a state house committee and the state senate today.

Senator David Heitmeier (D-Algiers) proposes to ban smoking anywhere on the grounds of state colleges and universities.  The senate could call for a vote on his bill today.

Rep. Frank Hoffman (R-West Monroe) proposes forbidding smoking within 25 feet of an entrance to a state-owned building. The House Health and Welfare committee approved the bill today.

Some folks say being anywhere near smoke can be a bother.

"We shouldn't have to be around the smoke when we don't smoke," one woman said.

"I hate smoke.  I hate it," said another.

Others say if it's outdoors, a ban would be taking it too far.

"I disagree with that," one man told WWL First News.  "I don't think they should be intruding into what you do outside."

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