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Posted: Monday, 29 April 2013 8:52AM

Gas prices level off

The price of gasoline in New Orleans is $3.26 for a gallon of regular this morning, according to the American Automobile Association's daily survey.  It's basically unchanged from yesterday and down just two pennies since last week.

So can the prices drop to as low as $3.00 per gallon by early June?

"Well that's certainly an optimistic projection, one that I think everybody's hoping they'll see," said AAA's Mike Wright.  "I think three dollars a gallon is not without possibility."

Wright says even with the pace evening out, drivers are doing much better than a year ago.

"I think that we should enjoy relatively low gasoline prices for the remainder of this year compared to what we saw in 2012," he said.

But Wright said other budgetary concerns, most noticeably the expiration of the payroll tax cuts, means most families won't be rushing off to summer rentals despite the tumble at the fuel pump.

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