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Posted: Friday, 26 April 2013 6:16AM

Big crowds for two big events not too big for the Big Easy

New Orleans shows once again this weekend that big crowds are no big problem.

The Zurich Classic and a concurrent Jazz Festival make for a 'dueling events' type of situation in New Orleans this weekend.

Could the city possibly suffer from too much of a good thing?

LSU economist Dr. Jim Richardson says it might be nice to have the events spaced to out make for three weekends, rather than two.

"If you could somehow reschedule Zurich, if that was a possibility, but you don't control that."

With the PGA setting the dates for the Classic, and JazzFest on its traditional weekends, there's not much the city can do.

"You just have to live with it," says Richardson. "But it's a situation New Orleans is equipped to live with."

"New Orleans can handle huge crowds. The city knows how to do that."

"It's really a positive situation for New Orleans that might be problematic for other cities," Richardson says. "But it's one that other cities would probably love to try."

"You have two fantastic events. You have a large crowd, a full French Quarter. The hotels will probably be occupied almost to capacity and that will probably leak out to other places down the road...across the lake and to Baton Rouge, even."

Meanwhile, Kelly Schulz with the Convention and Visitors Bureau, says this is nothing more than business as usual in a city that's used to the unusual.

"Having major events is what New Orleans thrives on," says Schulz."We definitely have the infrastructure to do it and do it very well."

In fact, she says the second weekend of JazzFest the city will have a 7,000 person convention in town.

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