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Posted: Thursday, 25 April 2013 6:12AM

No casket required: Green burials a hot trend

As the "green" revolution touches just about everything in our lives, being environmentally sensitive is also starting to touch the death industry.

For those who have dedicated their lives to supporting a sustainable lifestyle, you can now go out with a green burial that involves no embalming fluid, a biodegradable casket, or no casket at all if you wish, just wrapped in your favorite blanket. 

What is a green burial? Click here to find out more.
Although there are currently no green providers in Louisiana, Joe Sehee with the Green Burial Councils says that doesn't mean it can't be done here.  "Unfortunately a lot of consumers are told things that don't have to necessarily be the truth, such as caskets, or vaults, or embalming being required by law, when it may just be a policy of a cemetery or funeral home.

But then in New Orleans we've been green in that regard for centuries says Sehee, "In New Orleans one of the great things, graves are recycled.  It's about the only place in the U.S. where that's done, although that practice is quite prevalent throughout the world, particularly in Europe."

Many New Orleans family tombs are used generation after generation by removing the older caskets and placing the remains in a bag on the bottom of the tomb, then placing the new casket with another deceased family member on a shelf in the tomb.

The green funeral movement is also seeing people trying to keep costs down with funerals taking place at home.  "Green burial allows people to participate more fully in an end-of-life ritual," says Sehee.

See more from the Green Burial Council by clicking here.

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