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Posted: Wednesday, 24 April 2013 12:53PM

Storms leave tens of thousands without power in SE La.

A line of midday thunderstorms brought high winds, heavy rain, and street flooding across the Southshore.  Tens of thousands of Entergy customers lost power as the weather moved through.

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"Next thing you know; I look out the window; and it's dumping rain heavy, and then the winds picking up, trees are going sideways and you see a lot of debris flying around," a caller named Jason told WWL Radio that's what he saw near West Napoleon and Transcontinental.  "There's power lines that are down."

"We saw a delivery truck get blown over, we saw the street lights fly by, the windows on my vehicle just imploded," Lance called to say from Veterans Blvd. and Transcontinental.  "The rain was blowing so strong, you couldn't see five feet."

An Entergy spokesman says the utility hopes to have most customers' power restored by 7:00 p.m.

A summary of reported damages in the Kenner area from city officials are listed below:

- Reports of a number of homes with roof damage and blown out windows in the far NW quadrant of the Kenner. 

- 3800 – 4400 West Loyola and Grandlake subdivision)

- Approximately 5,000 Kenner residents without power.

-  Numerous electrical and light poles reported leaning along canal running parallel to and west of West Loyola.

-  3500 – 3700 Loyola – construction zone, barricades and cones strewn about.

-  3500 - 3700 East Loyola - debris in roadway including portable sheds and awning.

- Numerous electrical poles leaning and wires down and lying in roadway and across lawns in the area of Acron and 27th Street.

- Wind damage including downed trees and power lines reported in the Roosevelt and 21st Street areas.

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