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Posted: Monday, 22 April 2013 3:28PM

Why did the chicken cross the Causeway?

Causeway Police got their week off to an unusual start: chasing five chickens around on the north-bound span of the bridge.

Causeway General Manager Carlton Dufrechou says the chickens somehow got loose from a vehicle headed across the bridge.

"Five chickens had made a break about 7:30 this morning, about two miles from the Southshore on the bridge," Dufrechou told WWL First News.  "I'm pleased to say four of the five were either saved or detained."

The fifth chicken, however, attempted to fly the coop:

"One of them decided to make a break in a big way and he jumped on the rail and then went overboard, so I'm afraid he did not make it," Dufrechou said. "The lake was kind of calm this morning, but he would be a pretty wet bird and have a long swim to the south shore."

Dufrechou said there was no sign of the driver.

"We were looking for the driver going north-bound, but it seems like he may have made a U-turn at the first crossover," said Dufrechou.  "Not sure whether to check for his chickens or just to get off the bridge."

Dufrechou says they can only hold the chickens for so long.

"Unless somebody claims them real quick, they will end up in a correctional facility for chickens on the Northshore late today," said Dufrechou.

Dufrechou could not confirm if that facility goes by the initials KFC.

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