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Posted: Sunday, 21 April 2013 10:18AM

Super Bowl XLVII a super benefit for New Orleans metro area

A University of New Orleans study just released says Super Bowl XLVII had a 480-million dollar economic impact on the region.

John Williams, Dean of UNO's College of Business Administration, says that's a higher dollar figure than expected.

He says it helped that the fans of the Super Bowl teams had to fly in and spent several nights in a hotel.

"We found that there were two prominent states, Maryland and California. So, with the fly-in, that necessitated a hotel stay."

Almost half of the study respondents were from one of those states, with the edge going to Maryland.

The Super Bowl was played on February second between Baltimore and San Francisco. The Ravens won, but Williams says the local restaurant industry was also a big winner, as they estimate restaurants did 65-million dollars in sales.

"You could not get into a restaurant," says Williams. "If you had not made reservations well in advance, you weren't dining anywhere in this area."

The UNO study says Super Bowl XLVII generated 21 million dollars in state tax revenue and local governments in the greater New Orleans area received nearly 14-million dollars.

And, Williams says Louisiana will also see an increase in tax dollars in the future, because the Super Bowl helped market New Orleans as a tourist destination.

"They see the excitement on the television and all the festivities and activities. And we find that we get an increase in activity over a year-and-a-half to two years following an event like that."

Highlights of the study, including visitor profiles and overall economic impact, include:

·         About half of the respondents (49.7%) were from the two states that were represented by teams in the Super Bowl: Maryland (28.3%) and California (21.4%). 73.4% of the visitors surveyed were overnight visitors. 65.8% of the visitors surveyed were male, 40% were between 35-49 years of age, and 50% of the respondents made an annual income of $100,000 or more.

·         The overwhelming majority (97.7%) of visitors came to the metro area with the primary purpose of attending Super Bowl XLVII events. 70.2% of the responded reported having plans to attend the game.

·         Super Bowl XLVII produced a total of $480 million in net economic impact for the New Orleans metro area economy. This total economic impact consists of $262.8 million of direct spending and $217.2 million of secondary spending. The net economic impact for Super Bowl takes into account the displaced economic benefits of potential convention and visitor spending that occur in the absence of a Super Bowl.

·         Super Bowl XLVII was responsible for the creation and support of 5,672 full- and part-time jobs in the New Orleans area economy. These jobs created a total of $154.0 million in additional earnings for residents of the New Orleans area.

·         Super Bowl XLVII generated nearly $21.0 million of state tax revenue, including sales, hotel, gambling, and income tax. These state tax collections included $13.1 million in direct state taxes paid from visitor spending within the local economy plus $7.9 million of indirect tax revenues resulting from the earnings attributable to organizational, media and visitor spending.
·         In addition to state taxes, local governments in the greater New Orleans area received over $13.9 million in tax revenue attributable to the 2013 Super Bowl. This figure is comprised of $10.4 million in direct local taxes and another $3.5 million of indirect local tax revenues.

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