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Posted: Friday, 19 April 2013 6:19AM

You have a smart phone - get ready for the smart home

Thinking of remodeling? The new trend is the high-tech smart home.

Imagine living in an automated home wirelessly controlled by apps on your phone or tablet. The concept of a smart home has been floating around since the 1960s, but now it's finally a reality.

With a smart home it starts before you even arrive. "Listen, you don't even have to have a key for your door," says HGTV's designer and host Monica Pedersen. "You can just use your smart phone or smart device and you can open your door, walk in and have your lighting where you want it, have your temperature where you want it, if you want music playing you can have music playing. And when you walk in it's your home, your experience. And you hardly even have to touch a thing."

What does a new high-tech bathroom look like? "The toilet seat is on a sensor, so it comes up and down as your coming and going, so nobody's going to be fighting about that. It's got a heated seat. The water flow is on sensors so you're not wasting water," says Pederson.

And the shower can be turned on remotely from anywhere with a setting for each individual family member. And the tub is smart too, she says, "There's a control panel that will allow you to control your water temperature and the water flow, so you're never leaning over it trying to get the temperature right, or worried about keeping an eye on it so it won't overflow."

Jack Thomasson, president of The Home Department, Inc. shares some of the features of the latest smart induction stove. "You can place your pot anywhere on that cooking surface and regardless of how small or large that pot is, it will heat only under that pot. And because it's induction it won't heat up until you put the pot on the burner, and then literally the moment you take the pot within a second it's cool to the touch again. So it's also a very safe surface."

Click here to watch a video of HGTV's latest smart home.

Photo: HGTV

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