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Posted: Thursday, 18 April 2013 5:05AM

One cable co. has plans to let viewers pay for only the channels they watch

The competition is really heating up for your TV-watching dollars, with more online options cutting into cable companies customers.

A recent Wall St. Journal article outlines how Verizon is looking into letting you pay only for the television shows you watch.

"All the big distributors are thinking of ways they can trim down bundles or offer different kinds of bundles so that people will stick with TV and not decide to go the Amazon or Netflix route and cut the cable cord completely," says reporter Shalini Ramachandran who covered the story on Verizon's plans.

Research shows even though cable companies are losing customers for the first time in their history, most of us won't be seeing a rate cut she found.  "Their programming costs are continuing to increase and the cable operator needs to pass these on to the consumer.  And that's the reason, they say, they haven't been to keep bills lower."

She says the best we can hope for as TV dramatically changes is not seeing any new increases in our bills.

Essentially, this amounts to the a la carte future envisioned by Apple, Google and Amazon for a TV service, and is the likely  future of TV.  But experts say we could be five years from seeing these wholesale changes.

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