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State officials told thousands of doctors planning to attend a medical conference in New Orleans this weekend to stay away if they've been in contact with Ebola patients in the last 21 days. Right or wrong move?
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Steve: Sit Em or Start Em? Fantasy football, week nine
SIT EM Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger How could I have Big Ben on my sit list after last week's historic performance? Well, that was last week and now Pittsburg faces a Baltimore defense that has kept him in check. Roethlisberger has only 1 TD...
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Scoot: Poison in Halloween candy is just a myth
One Halloween myth demonstrates that it is true - the media can easily start and perpetrate hysteria because people believe what they want to believe. Every Halloween parents are warned that trick-or-treating is dangerous. Sinister people have been...
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Mark: Top 20 Halloween music videos
With Halloween week upon us, I wanted to take a little break from covering prep football and have a little fun on my blog. So here are my top 20 music videos to get you into a Halloween state of mind! #20 – "Doing It All For My Baby" –...
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T-Bob: A primer on the new college playoff system
The College Football Playoff Selection committee released their first team rankings yesterday and while the reaction hasn't been wholly positive I believe that the majority of fans are pleased with the committee's initial findings. In case you don't...
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Garland: Barkley's race comments spark interesting discussion
Former basketball great Charles Barkley says brainwashed members of the black community are holding the black community back. Because to be accepted you gotta go to jail, you gotta be the right color black and you can't speak too intelligently. It...
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Steve: Know Your Enemy, week nine - Carolina
My advice as your NFL stock broker is to buy shares of the Black & Gold now! The team we saw Sunday dismantling the Packers is more of what I thought the Saints would look like this year. The question is now can they sustain that kind of play on the...
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Scoot: Learn to be a winner by losing
Protecting the self-esteem of all individuals may seem humane and beneficial – but it may actually be hurting society – especially young people. A pee wee football team in Georgia was fined $500 and the coach was suspended from the youth...
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Kristian: Morgan suspended, Saints looking to solve road woes
Joe-Mo: Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan has been placed on the reserve/suspended list by the New Orleans Saints. Coach Sean Payton didn't elaborate as to how or why Morgan was suspended. Morgan played in the first game against the Atlanta Falcons but...
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Steve: Joe Morgan suspended by the Saints
Sean Payton announced after today's practice that wide receiver Joe Morgan was placed on the reserve / suspended list. Coach gave no further details. Morgan's response on twitter to the news pretty much sums it up all for Saints fans as well. ...
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Angela: When French Quarter buildings collapse, our culture collapses
Protecting historic buildings means protecting us. The video of the building collapsing in the French Quarter last week is a haunting reminder that we can lose irreplaceable gems in a blink of an eye. The investigation into why the three story...
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