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The Saints have 5 prime time games; 3 on the road; 2 at home. Which game will be toughest?
  at Cowboys (SNF)
  vs Packers (SNF)
  at Panthers (ThNF)
  vs Ravens (MNF)
  at Chicago (MNF)
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Our Opinions
Scoot: Is the power of the Pope in the robes or the man?
I'm Catholic and I'm confused! Pope Francis told a Catholic woman who is married to a divorced man that she is welcome to take Holy Communion and that her parish priest was wrong to deny her communion. Jacqui Lisbona wrote a letter to Pope...
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Steve: A look at top QBs, RBs and WRs in 2014 NFL Draft
With the schedule finally being released, the next big event for the NFL is the draft which kicks-off with round 1 on Thursday, May 8th. Here is a look at some of the top talent that will be available on the offensive side of the...
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T-Bob: Draft preview - centers turn five fingers into a fist
This is the first of a 3-part NFL draft series previewing the top two prospects at each position along the offensive line. Today, we'll look at the position most near and dear to my heart... center. While center may not be the most physically...
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Scoot: Is Louisiana moral or moronic?
The actions of state legislatures define the mentality of a state, and a few of the issues the Louisiana Legislature has dealt with in this session beg the question – is Louisiana moral or moronic? A bill that would have lessened the penalties...
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Deke: '81 Draft class was foundation of success for Saints
It was the draft class that laid the foundation for the Saints to become NFC West Champions... the class that took the Saints from pretenders to contenders. And most importantly, the class that began to help form the famed "Dome Patrol." Bobby and...
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Scoot: Don't blame the TV for your bad choices
"TV smoking influences adult tobacco use, study says" was the headline of a story at FOXNews.com. This is another headline that is totally deceiving, because that's not what the study showed. The lead author of the study, Patrick E. Jamieson of the...
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Tommy: How long is too long to wait after calling 911?
You call 911 because you see some dangerous activity going on, and it rings… and rings…and rings… and rings. Maybe it was a bad connection, so you hang up and call again. And it rings… and rings… and rings. So you...
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Deke: It was a good week for the Tigers!
The LSU Tigers won three of four games last week, including an SEC road series win over the Ole Miss Rebels. "The week got off to a good start for us with a win over Southern Mississippi. Then we were able to end the week on a high note with two wins...
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Deke: Saints Draft history; a look at position picks
As the Saints prepare for the 2014 NFL Draft, over the next several days we'll look back at some of the great moments in Saints Draft history. This May the Saints will participate in the Draft for the 48th time. Let's look at the picks of the Black &...
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Deke: A look at the NBA Playoffs
Love them or hate them, the Miami Heat are still the team to beat! Miami is seeking to become the sixth team to win three straight titles. Consider the 52-54 Minneapolis Lakers, 59-66 (eight straight titles!) Boston Celtics, 91-93 Michael Jordan-led...
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