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"WWL First News" with Tommy Tucker
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Scoot: Can you live with decisions on marriage and flags?
The two major controversies last week - the Supreme Court ruling that banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and the question of whether the Confederate flag should be displayed spread over the weekend and into this new week. Louisiana Governor...
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Scoot: What gay marriage ruling says about America's direction
Gay marriage is legal in America! The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that it is unconstitutional for any state to ban same-sex marriage. This is a landmark decision for the LGBT community and for the growing number of straight Americans that believe in...
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Scoot: The sad truth about Obamacare
The sad truth about the reaction to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) from both sides is that the idea of America finally joining the world of industrialized nations that offer health care to its citizens has become secondary to the role it's playing...
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Garland: Why are we still debating gun control?
Why is there still a debate on gun control? It makes NO sense. Can we not just move on and admit that mass shootings in America are not something we can eliminate? Consider the numbers. Americans own between 300 and 310 million firearms. Granted,...
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Scoot: NASCAR supports removal of Confederate flag
The fallout from the battle against the Confederate flag continues to spread. The state of Alabama has a history of leaders that defiantly supported segregation and it may have been a surprise to hear that Republican Alabama Governor Robert Bentley...
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Angela: Mayor Landrieu explains Lee Circle proposal
He will be the Mayor of New Orleans when the city celebrates it's 300th birthday, and in addition to creating new programs to fight crime, bring in jobs and tourism dollars, and being named the second Vice President of the US Conference of Mayors, ...
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Scoot: Changes around Confederate flag - why now?
The debate over the perceived meaning of the Confederate flag is not a new debate, but following the racially motivated shooting at a black church in Charleston, SC, there is suddenly a new sense of urgency in debating the meaning of the flag. Most...
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Steve: Pelicans introduce new head coach
With change comes excitement about the unknown - and also hope. For the Pelicans, their new head coach brings a fresh new perspective, coming off an NBA Championship victory with the Warriors. Alvin Gentry was an assistant at Golden State this season and...
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Kristian: Saints are in a tough spot with Junior Galette
A video re-surfaced over the weekend of a man believed to be Junior Galette in a beach brawl striking one man with a belt in a fight, and later turning and striking a woman at least twice during the fracas. Galette's already scheduled to meet with he...
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Garland: What really happens when a state gets medical marijuana?
Are the big fears about legalizing medical marijuana unfounded? New studies show legalizing medical marijuana does not increase the use of teens or pose a threat to children. For those of you whoe are opposed to medical pot - does that change your...
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