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Can someone be an athiest and still be of moral character?
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"The Think Tank" with Garland Robinette
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Deke: Top-ranked Tigers set to battle Wildcats
#1 ranked LSU will go for their third straight SEC series win this weekend when the Tigers entertain the Kentucky Wildcats. "When you look at Kentucky not many people know how good they are. Kentucky has built a solid program and we are going to have...
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Scoot: Baby Boomers' fight for equality got lost along the way
The Baby Boomer generation rebelled against the Establishment through the 1960s and became known as the "anti-establishment" generation, standing up for equality, protecting the environment, which at the time was referred to as the "ecology." We were a...
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Deke: Pelicans' inconsistency is consistent
It was just two short weeks ago that our New Orleans Pelicans were in 8th place in the Western Conference standings, in playoff position. Now I certainly did not put the cart before the horse, so to speak, but I'd be lying to you all if I did not...
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Scoot: Lawmaker compares police in America to ISIS
When state legislatures are in session across the country this time of year, there are always comments made by lawmakers that spark controversy. State lawmakers are notorious for saying things and proposing legislation that is beyond controversial...
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Steve: Saints working long-term deal for Cam Jordan
While the entire Saints defense had a down year last season, it's pretty clear that defensive end Cam Jordan is a vital part of it having success in the future. The 25-year old was the team's 24th pick in the 1st round back in 2011, and is entering the...
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Tommy: Can you be fired for your tattoos?
More and more people are getting tattoos nowadays, so they're becoming more and more acceptable in the workplace. As long as they're appropriate, anyway. A New York man claims he was fired over his tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's name… whose name...
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Steve: Payton finally speaks on Graham, Spiller and Saints D
We have finally heard from Saints head coach Sean Payton following the trade of tight end Jimmy Graham to Seattle. NBC Sports caught up with him at the NFL owners meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. "It's really looking at, hey, where are those areas...
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Scoot: Sub-human criminals ambushed pizza delivery driver
What kind of person would call to have a pizza delivered to create an opportunity to shoot and kill the pizza delivery driver for whatever money he was carrying? When you try to answer that question, you are struck with the harsh reality that there are...
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Angela: Saint Benjamin Watson is much more than a tight end
Ben Watson has spent 11 years in the NFL, winning two Super Bowl rings with the Patriots, then playing with the Cleveland Browns before putting on #82 for the New Orleans Saints. But there is so much more to Ben than just being a tight end. Shortly...
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Garland: How much black is too black for art?
Okay, let's explore the latest issue of the coward commenters. You know those people…so bored/so idle because they don't work or have mindless jobs…so on-edge because anger management failed…or so ignorant because they react/never...
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