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"Saints defense \"truly a mess\""
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Deke's Blog
Deke: Fast starts led to big things in Sean Payton era
They say numbers don't lie. That statement could not be more true, than when it comes to the New Orleans Saints success under Coach Sean Payton. And when you dig a little deeper inside the numbers, the obvious becomes crystal clear. As he enters...
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Deke: Graham deal should get done sooner than later
Now that the ruling is in, a long term deal to keep TE Jimmy Graham in a Saints uniform should get done, and soon. I have no reason to believe otherwise. Graham will probably become the highest paid tight end in the NFL. For those who were upset that...
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Deke: Top five takeaways from Saints mini-camp
The New Orleans Saints will open training camp at the end of July in West Virginia, but there was plently to see at the three day mini-camp. With the help of our resident pros Hokie Gajan and Bobby Hebert, we jotted down the top five takeaways from this...
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Deke: Saints finish mini-camp looking strong
The New Orleans Saints wrapped up their three day mini-camp today with two hour and 15 minute practice.  The Black and Gold worked on special teams, and had three team periods in which the offense faced the defense.   "Today was a...
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Deke: Saints D brings the heat at mini-camp
Day two of Saints mini-camp saw the defense bring a lot of pressure on the offensive squad. "I don't recall seeing this type of pressure brought this early," said Saints Color Analyst Hokie Gajan. During the two and a half-hour...
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Hokie's Blog
Bobby's Blog
Kristian's Blog
Kristian: Saints hold the leverage over Graham
After last week's ruling by system arbitrator Stephen Burbank, the Saints not only claimed a small victory, but also a ton of leverage where negotiations with Jimmy Graham are concerned. Graham flat-out stands to lose too much money if he doesn't...
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Kristian: Graham needs to go back to negotiating table
Arbritrator Steven Burbank ruled against Saints tight end Jimmy Graham in his grievance against the Saints and the NFL. Burbank ruled Graham is a tight end instead of a wide receiver. Graham was franchised tagged as a tight end this past March, and he...
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Kristian: Should we be celebrating loss to Germany?
I’m on record as not being a huge fan of soccer, but I am however a HUGE fan of Team USA - no matter what sport!  I would watch and pull for the Stars and Stripes in an ice sculpting competition.   So I watched the World Cup match...
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Kristian: Saints on summer break
The Saints wrapped their offseason program with a spirited and productive practice in the indoor facility. The Black and Gold have worked their way through organized team activities without sustaining any major injuries.  Jarius Byrd had back...
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Kristian: Saints defense doesn't want to be second to anyone
The Saints defense made dramatic improvement last season, going from 32nd overall in 2012 to 4th overall in 2013 under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.  “We don’t want to be second to anyone” said safety Rafael Bush.   New...
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