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SCOOT'S Top 8 @ 8

Scoot's Top 8 at 8

At noon today – there was another shark attack off the beaches of North Carolina!  A 50-year-old man suffered wounds to his ribcage, lower leg, hip and both hands when he tried to fight off the shark.  Today’s attack is the 7th person attacked by sharks along the North Carolina coast in the last 3 weeks!

A 7-year-old girl is a hero on YouTube!  Zea, a first grader, stood firm when a fear mongering anti-gay man began to rant at the little girl who was holding a rainbow flag.  Does that tell you a lot about a person who would use their religion to shout at a little girl?

When fire broke out at a prominent black church in South Carolina last night and immediately there was talk of white supremacists being responsible for the fire.  But investigators say there are no signs the fire was intentionally set and it is possible that lightening in the area started the fire.  That’s why we should not be so quick to judge!

There is another casualty in the controversy over the Confederate flag.  TV Land has pulled reruns of the 1980s TV series, “The Dukes of Hazzard,” presumably because the orange car Bo and Luke drive around in has a Confederate flag on its roof.  Is this going too far?  Even if you support taking down the Confederate flag, do you support pulling “The Dukes of Hazzard?”

More controversy over the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage!  A Justice of the Peace in central Louisiana has resigned because her religious beliefs oppose issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Have you ever resigned a job over principles?

Today is July 1 and some new laws go into effect today.  A pack of cigarettes will now cost smokers an extra 50 cents a pack.  Will smokers cut back?  Or, cut back on other things?  If you’re a smoker – how does this affect you?

Another new law going into effect today is the law that now requires drivers to get their license renewed every 6 years rather than every 4 years.  The intent of the law is to reduce the long wait at DMV locations.  Is this going to change things at DMV, or should more be done about the general attitude of state employees at DMV?  And should drivers be required to take a driver’s test every time they have their license renewed?

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul is seeking campaign donations from the new legal weed industry in Colorado!  Paul met with donors at the Cannabis Business Summit in Denver.  Tickets started at $2,700.  Paul did not mention pot or take questions.  Do you think legalizing marijuana is more of a liberal or conservative issue?
SCOOT'S Podcasts
Scoot is a radio legend throughout New Orleans and South Louisiana.  He has been described as an icon because of his years on radio and the impression he has had on many generations, from the Baby Boomers to today’s young generation.  Scoot is honored by the labels of “legend” and “icon,” but would never describe himself that way.  He is as humble as he is popular.

During the time Scoot was doing a morning show on FM and AM music stations in the market, he used his unique, satirical wit and creativity to earn the image of that guy you had to listen to every morning because you never know what he would say or do!  

Scoot had news people and producers to interact with on the air, but Scoot was one of the talented hosts who never needed a partner or permanent sidekick.  

Scoot has always been a radio personality who could be funny and irreverent, but always reserved the right to be sensitive to the more serious issues in the community and the country.  Even today, Scoot uses his position of being a native of New Orleans to provide a special local perspective on everything he does on his shows.  

In the late 80s, Scoot began to look at talk radio as his future and he began an ambitious effort to move from music radio to talk radio – something that many in the industry said was impossible because the audience would never accept Scoot as a radio talk show host.  Throughout his career, Scoot never accepted conventional wisdom about his career or radio and used the naysayers as inspiration to succeed.

At the age of 17, through a freak connection, Scoot had an opportunity to answer phones, get coffee and read the newspaper every morning for Bob Ruby, who was a popular radio host on WWL-AM in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  And from that first day on the job, “I knew I was going to make radio my career,” laments Scoot.

Scoot has always been a very ambitious and dedicated person who has never been afraid to do whatever it takes to reach his goals.  From the part-time assistant behind-the-scenes on “The Bob Ruby Show” on WWL, Scoot looked for any opportunity to get his first on-air experience.  It was through another freak meeting that Scoot convinced a small radio station in Mobile, AL to give him a shot doing a weekend shift.  He drove from New Orleans to Mobile every Saturday to sign a station on the air at 6:00 am and was on the air until Noon.  His pay - $2.00 an hour!  To get experience on the air, Scoot drove to Mobile every week for $12.00!

The Mobile experience eventually led to a weekend shift on the air on WWL-AM.  That was the beginning of what continues to be a stellar career. 

When the management of WWL made the decision to switch the format of WWL-FM from easy listening to a pop music format, Scoot was offered his first full-time job on the air.  In the early 70s, the lowest rated day-part on FM was the morning show and because of his lack of experience, that’s the shift they put Scoot on – 6:00 am – Noon.  Since Scoot had learned about morning radio from the show on WWL-AM, his instinct was to do a personality-driven morning show on FM, which was unheard of at the time.  Scoot literally invented “morning radio” in New Orleans and there is no evidence that anyone in the country was doing a personality-driven morning show on FM.  

Scoot’s instinct was right and his show began to get ratings in the morning on FM.  Scoot became known as “Scoot in the Morning” and the legend was born!

From WWL-FM, Scoot was hired by The Rock of New Orleans WRNO where he began attracting a bigger audience.  Scoot has unprecedented ability to relate to people – the audience.  His early attention-getting bits on the air included, overseas phone calls, to an Irish pub in Dublin, Ireland to get someone there to sing “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” live on the air.  

Radio and the world were very different during the early part of Scoot’s career and one question Scoot often responded to when he met listeners was “Scoot, how much is your phone bill every month?”  That illustrated how unique and creative the phone calls were at the time.  One recurring bit was to randomly call pay phones throughout the city and have fun on the air with those who picked up.

As his ratings continued to grow, B97 hired Scoot away from WQUE and that’s when he began to dominate the market with the top-rated show.  The on-air personality who had the courage to defy the status quo by doing a personality radio show in the morning on FM had become the #1-rated personality on the air!

Scoot was hired by a Program Director who respected his work to do a morning show in San Diego.  From there, Scoot worked out a deal to do radio and television at WKRG in the Mobile-Pensacola market.  Then back to New Orleans to do the morning show on WLMG Magic 101.9.

Scoot saw this as his opportunity to move into talk radio since the company owned WWL-AM.  With a few days of auditioning on WWL-AM, Scoot was hired as the midday host on WWL-AM.  The ratings more than doubled and Scoot because the first radio personality in New Orleans to be rated #1 on both music and talk radio.

Scoot’s success led him to talk radio in San Antonio, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle, Portland and Denver before returning home to WWL-AM-FM in New Orleans.

His wealth of knowledge and experience have made Scoot not just a radio personality who knows New Orleans first hand, but a radio personality that has learned about America and this is a big part of his appeal today in New Orleans.

Today, as a radio talk show host, Scoot is insightful, intelligent, but maintains his sense of humor.  His observations about local and national issues are quite, not only from a unique perspective, but quite often are made ahead of the same observations made by the most respect national TV news personalities.

Scoot is an incredible interviewer and after an interview with Tony Curtis, he got a call from Tony’s manager asking for a copy of the interview because they wanted to use that as an example of how everyone show interview Tony Curtis.  Scoot has been one-on-one with rock stars, country stars and celebrities of all types and his list in interviews includes people like Robin Williams, Ozzy Osbourne, President George H.W. Bush, B.B. King, Kevin Spacey, Gilda Radner and while in San Antonio, Scoot was the only person in the media Dennis Rodman opened up to.

Listening to him and looking at him with his energy and appearance, you would never believe Scoot has been on the radio for 40 years!

And there is little doubt that the best of Scoot is yet to come!
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