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SCOOT'S Top 8 @ 8

Scoot's Top 8 at 8

Today, Saints LB Curtis Lofton sent this tweet out:  “What are you wearing to the game?  The good guys wear all black this week!”
A company is having a difficult time keeping up with demand for its cute, plush stuffed Ebola! 
It’s 2014, but the makers of Camel cigarettes have just banned employees from smoking at their desks!  Do you remember all the places smoking was allowed?  Movie theaters – classrooms – grocery stores!
Following an attack on the Canadian seat of government – Canada is in mourning – but will not be intimidated.
According to a new study – less than 30% of children have climbed a tree in the last year!  Video games, smartphones and tablets keep many children entertained sitting inside.  Do children suffer as many broken limbs today and they did in the past?
Do college athletes go to class?  We have all asked that question.  It was been revealed that for many years, basketball players at UNC were allowed to enroll in what amounted to be false classes.
Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Iowa, Joni Ernst said in 2012 that she believes in guns and her right to protect herself against intruders and the federal government.  Do you have guns and ammunition to protect yourself from the government?
A Seattle-area medical marijuana patient was denied a concealed pistol license because she smokes pot – even though is it legal in her state.  Should medical pot users lose their right to own guns?

SCOOT'S Podcasts
Scoot: Poison in Halloween candy is just a myth
One Halloween myth demonstrates that it is true - the media can easily start and perpetrate hysteria because people believe what they want to believe. Every Halloween parents are warned that trick-or-treating is dangerous. Sinister people have been...
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Scoot: Learn to be a winner by losing
Protecting the self-esteem of all individuals may seem humane and beneficial – but it may actually be hurting society – especially young people. A pee wee football team in Georgia was fined $500 and the coach was suspended from the youth...
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Scoot: Marijuana and gun ownership
Should a patient who is prescribed medical marijuana by a doctor in a state where the use of medicinal marijuana is legal – lose their 2nd Amendment rights? Bobbi Jo Floyd of Richland, Washington is an authorized marijuana patient and a...
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Scoot: Should young voters stay away from the polls?
The important midterm election is two weeks away and hosts on The Fox News Channel have again, told young voters not to vote! Tuesday on the Fox News Channel show, "The Five," co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle said that young women should not vote because...
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Scoot: Why it's wrong to call Saints loss "unfortunate"
The Scoot Blog for September 24, 2014 was titled: "Do the Saints lack a killer instinct?" The previous Sunday the Saints beat the Vikings at home, but the lack of a killer instinct on the part of the Saints was apparent. Following the Saints...
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Scoot: Is Ebola turning you into a germophobe?
Now that a second hospital worker who cared for the Ebola patient who died in Dallas has contracted the deadly disease, are you becoming a germophobe? For those of us who have admitted we are germophobes, our lives will not really change. But will...
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Scoot: Does Ebola have a new face?
Does an attractive 26-year-old nurse contracting Ebola in the United States change the face of the disease? When Nina Pham, a nurse who treated Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, was diagnosed with Ebola even after wearing protective gear, the idea...
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Scoot: Two teachers, one student
The arrest report in the case of the two Destrehan teachers accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student has been released by police. The report indicates that the teachers allegedly "had consensual intercourse with a 16-year-old juvenile." The...
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Scoot: Do you have a 'right to die?'
We have the freedom to make many choices in America, but only three states – Oregon, Washington and Vermont – grant individuals the right to die. A 29-year-old woman with a brain tumor has chosen November 1 as her "deathday." Brittany...
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Scoot: 4-year-old passes out heroin at day care
In a society that continues to embrace the concept that individuals are not accountable for their actions, the debate over holding parents accountable for their children gaining possession of guns or drugs rages on. Police in Selbyville, Delaware have...
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