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SCOOT'S Top 8 @ 8

Scoot's Top 8 at 8


On this day in 1968, the rock musical “Hair” opened on Broadway!  The message of the musical, which included a nude scene on stage, was a reflection of a new young generation dedicated to rebelling against the Establishment.


The TV show, “Good Times,” will become a movie!  Will you go see it?  What sitcom from the past would you like to see made into a movie?


A bill that would do away with film tax credits was talked about in Baton Rouge today.  Do you think the film industry is taking advantage of Louisiana or contributing greatly to the state?


Parents talking to people in person and on their cellphones are distractions that lead to many injuries children suffer at playgrounds.


A secret recording to Tulsa reserve police officer Robert Bates raises more questions about whether Bates paid to “play a cop.”


Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments about whether to legalize same-sex marriage.  What is your argument for or against?


City leaders and some French Quarter businesses are joining together to form a new special task force to help fight crime in the French Quarter.  The task force will be called “Bourbon Patrol” and it will patrol Bourbon Street between Canal and St. Ann.  Don’t most of the crimes in the French Quarter take place on side streets or deeper in the Quarter?


President Obama called the young people that rioted and looted in Baltimore “criminals and thugs.”  The President said that America needs to do some “soul-searching” to solve race-related problems and that young people should not be born into poverty. The passionate reaction to the Baltimore riots continues tonight on “The Scoot Show” on WWL.

SCOOT'S Podcasts
Scoot: The contrast between Jazz Fest and Baltimore
While the national news and the national debate focused on racial injustice and unrest in Baltimore, MD, we were enjoying the final 4-day weekend of Jazz Fest 2015! The uniting of human emotion in Baltimore was in stark contrast to the human emotion...
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Scoot: Is 'thug' the new N-word?
President Obama used the word “thug” to describe the young rioters in Baltimore.  The mayor of Baltimore called those rioting and looting in the streets of her city “thugs.”  CNN’s Erin Burnett challenged a...
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Scoot: Obama calls Baltimore rioters "thugs"
President Obama said the participants in the rioting and looting in Baltimore are “criminals and thugs” during a White House press conference with the Prime Minister of Japan. There was a lot of speculation over whether the President would...
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Scoot: The Metairie double murder and the mentality of lawlessness
The arrest of two young people by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office for the double murder on a quiet street in Metairie brings to light a shocking reality.  You no longer have to venture into what might be called a “high crime”...
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Scoot: What if your ancestors owned slaves?
A controversy sparked over actor Ben Affleck’s request to producers of a TV show to omit the fact that his ancestor was a slave-owner.  Are we accountable for the actions and decisions of our ancestors?   PBS is investigating the...
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Scoot: Are you under the spell of a political party?
Many Louisiana voters are following a national trend by registering as Independent or No Party, rather than Republican or Democrat and this may be a positive sign that more American voters are rejecting the strict party lines that have defined...
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Scoot: How the Pelicans can beat the Warriors
The city of New Orleans acted like a big-time NBA city Wednesday night when the Pelicans fought hard to beat the San Antonio Spurs 106-103 to advance to the NBA playoffs and take on one of the best team in the NBA – the Golden State Warriors this...
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Scoot: Turns out that Marco Rubio loves rap music
Republican Senator Marco Rubio is considered to be one of the young, new faces of the Republican Party.  Rubio is 43 and a first term senator with a great American success story as the son of Cuban immigrants. As the Republican candidates line up...
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Scoot: Senator Rand Paul may be dangerous to both parties
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) blamed both parties for the state of our nation as he announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination in 2016. Sounding more like an Independent than a Republican, Senator Paul officially opened his presidential...
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Scoot: Media frenzy over religious freedom laws continues
The continuing frenzy over the new religious freedom laws is not the result of the liberal media, and is certainly not a liberal “lynch mob” as conservative Newt Gingrich says.  The attention to these new laws is the direct result...
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