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Scoot's Top 8 at 8


U2 lead singer Bono had a serious bicycle accident in New York’s Central Park – Sunday - just days after the rear hatch flew off his private jet in midair!  The bike accident was described as a “high-energy bicycle accident” that occurred when bono tried to avoid another rider in the park.  He underwent 5 hours of surgery and the good news is – Bono will fully recover!


Tonight the Christmas tree at Washington Artillery Park across from Jackson Square and the entire French Market were lit up for the official beginning of Christmas New Orleans-style! 


The video of 3 grandmothers smoking marijuana for the first time has gone viral on YouTube!  They said it was the best thing ever!  BTW – they smoked the pot in their home in Washington State – so they were not breaking the law.


A pro-marijuana group in Louisiana has endorsed Republican candidate Bill Cassidy because Cassidy says he supports medical marijuana and Mary Landrieu opposes it.  That’s an example of “single-issue voters.”  Have you ever voted for a candidate because of their stance on one issue?


A lawyer walked into the library at Florida State University after midnight and opened fire – shooting 3 people – 2 critically.  The lawyer with the gun was shot and killed by police outside of the library.


Drew Brees said, “It’s been a disappointing 10 weeks.  We know that we can play better.  It’s about the next 6 games of the season starting with Baltimore Monday night.  With the big Monday night game in town - are you still excited about the Saints?


Another woman has come forward and said the Bill Cosby drugged and raped her.  Networks are cancelling projects with Bill Cosby and an Arizona casino just cancelled his scheduled appearance.  Cosby refuses to answer questions about the allegations.  Should he?  What do you think of the allegations against an American icon?


Tonight – President Obama laid out his plan to deal with illegal immigrants in America.  Your reaction to the President’s plan and do you support some illegal immigrants in America?

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