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Scoot's Top 8 at 8


A 13-year-old girl in the 8th grade at Ramay Junior High School in Fayetteville, Ark. was told by school officials that her T-shirt that read, “Virginity Rocks,” was unacceptable because it contained “sexual content.”  She was forced to put on another shirt.  I’m not sure how a shirt that promotes the absence of sex could be interpreted as containing “sexual content.”


A new study shows that people are more attracted to the body odors of those who share their political views!  Is that true?  Do Republicans and Democrats have distinct smells?


The success of a marriage is more determined by the happiness of the wife than the happiness of the husband.  According to a new study, the husband’s satisfaction with marriage has less to do with a successful marriage.  And more women are filing for divorce than men.


A proposed restaurant in London is causing a controversy on social media.  The restaurant, “Death Row Dinners,” features a 5-course tasting menu for about $82 that allows diners to experience the idea of a last meal “without the nasty execution bit.”  What would you want for your “last meal?”


Televangelist Jim Bakker, who served 5 years in federal prison for fraud and conspiracy, is supporting his new TV ministry by selling food and items to help people survive the end of the world.  A special suit to help survive extreme temperatures, End of the World Biscuits and Time of Trouble Gravy are among the items people are buying in hopes of surviving the end times!  And people are actually buying the stuff!




The Air Force has made the phrase “so help me God” optional for airmen taking their enlistment or officer appointment oaths.  The change comes following a complaint from an atheist, who said that it would be dishonest for him to make an oath to God.  Did the Air Force do the right thing?


Still another domestic violence case involving an NFL player!  Police say that Arizona Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer head-butted his wife and broke her nose when she refused his sexual advances.  Dwyer was arrested.  Is this problem exaggerated in the NFL – or are NFL players suddenly under the microscope?


Have you seen some of the pranks posted on YouTube?  In the Friday the 13th prank a guy with a Jason mask leaps out to scare unsuspecting people in public situations.  What if someone is legally carrying a gun and shoots and kills the prankster – is that murder or justified?  If someone has a heart attack as a result of being scared – is the prankster a murderer?

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