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SCOOT'S Top 8 @ 8

Scoot's Top 8 at 8

On this day in 2003, pyrotechnics during a Great White show ignited soundproofing foam and burned down a nightclub in West Warwick, RI, killing 100 concert-goers and Great White guitarist Ty Longley.

The Oscars are Sunday!  “Birdman” and “Boyhood” appear to be favorites, but there are often surprise winners.  What was your favorite movie?  Will you watch the Oscars Sunday night?

Louisiana is in the top 5 in a new survey showing the state’s with the most regular church-goers.  Do you go to church regularly?

A lesbian couple in Michigan says a pediatrician refused to care for their newborn baby because of their sexual orientation.  Should doctors use their views on social and political issues to determine the patients they accept?  Could a conservative doctor refuse to accept a known liberal as a patient?  Or, vice versa?

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has fired back at Geraldo Rivera for saying that hip-hop has done more damage to blacks and Hispanics that racism over the past 10 years.  Simmons said that Rivera has a fundamental misunderstanding of hip-hop culture.

Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly is being scrutinized by a liberal news outlet for claiming that he was in a war zone while covering the Falkland Islands war.  Mother Jones writer, David Corn, says O’Reilly was actually in Buenos Aires and did not witness a combat situation.  Do you think more people on TV will be exposed for exaggerating stories they have told audiences?

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told a group of Republicans that President Obama does not love America.  Do you think the President does not love America?  Why?

What decade had the best music?
•    60s
•    70s
•    80s
•    90s 
•    2000s
And why?


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Scoot: Netanyahu condemns Iran deal in powerful speech
Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress, which may one day take on new meaning now that pot is legal in Washington, D.C.! Netanyahu was invited by the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill, and that broke...
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Scoot: Social media and practicing aggression
What will ultimately destroy humans?  Stephen Hawking says that it will not be a meteor hitting the earth or a massive earthquake or any cataclysmic natural disaster that will destroy.  Hawking now believes that human aggression could...
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Scoot: What was the best decade for music?
Which decade has the best music – 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or today?   The opinion of which decade had the best music is subjective and usually related to the decade an individual was coming-of-age and developed their first emotional bond with...
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Scoot: Wal-Mart and the new Minimum Wage lie
For those Americans who missed the original memo:  Minimum wage is not designed to live on! Somewhere along the way, many Americans have been convinced that minimum wage workers should be able to buy nice cars, houses and raise families....
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Scoot: Ash Wednesday brings display of religious belief
As I walked out of church in downtown New Orleans on this Ash Wednesday with ashes smeared on my forehead, I had no fear that the visible indication of my religious beliefs would lead to verbal or physical attacks.  But I realized that not everyone...
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Scoot: The real spirit of Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras 2015 is expected to be cold and windy, but this is not the first Mardi Gras that took place in winter weather.  The conditions will not be tropical and will be uncomfortable for many who plan to bear much flesh, but the party will go...
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Scoot: Is Friday the 13th really a day of bad luck?
Today is Friday the 13th – believed by many to be a day of bad luck!  Some people are so superstitious they don’t go to work or make any appointments on Friday the 13th.  Fear of Friday the 13th is not reserved for uninformed, less...
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Scoot: "The Daily Show" will continue without Jon
Jon Stewart is stepping down as host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.  When Stewart was named one of the most trusted names in news, many proclaimed that America was going to hell.   “The Daily Show” covers...
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Scoot: Obama lied by not supporting same sex marriage
President Obama lied to the American people when he opposed gay marriage!  According to longtime adviser, David Axelrod, President Obama’s personal feelings about same-sex marriage directly conflicted with his public position.  In an...
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Scoot: Gay marriage comes to Alabama - where next?
The U.S. Supreme Court decided to allow same-sex marriages to proceed in the state of Alabama and later this year will rule on whether the Constitution protects gay marriage in America. In spite of the High Court’s ruling today, some judges in...
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