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SCOOT'S Top 8 @ 8

Scoot's Top 8 at 8


It’s Labor Day Weekend and Decadence Fest Weekend in the French Quarter!  This weekend New Orleans will become the center of the gay universe.  Hotels are full and bars and restaurants will be crowded and this weekend will bring about $100 million into New Orleans!


The Lifetime network is premiering the behind-the-scenes movie, “the Unauthorized ‘Save By The Bell’ Story” on Labor Day.  The movie is based on a book written by actor Dustin Diamond, who played “Screech” in the show about teenagers in high school.  But some are saying the book and the movie are not an accurate account of what happened behind-the-scenes.  Will you be watching?


NOPD says a pastor has been arrested for allegedly shooting burglary suspect who the pastor believed was stealing copper from the Greater Morning Star Baptist Church in Algiers.  William Littleton, 62, faces one count of aggravated battery by shooting.  However, it appears the pastor may have shot the suspect in the back of the head as he was fleeing the scene.  Can self-defense ever been considered if someone shoots a person fleeing the scene?


NOPD is searching for a burglar who stole a hearse from the Charbonnet Funeral Home after loading up the vehicle with stolen items – including jewelry believed to have been taken off dead bodies.


It is now believed that up to 3,000 Westerners are fighting with the militant terror group ISIS and they pose the biggest threat to the possibility of terror attacks on America.  ISIS has successfully used social media to recruit new members from the West.  One online ad promotes “We (ISIS) have safety here for your family and children.”  Are you concerned that American-born ISIS soldiers will attack America?


NASCAR driver Tony Stewart will race this weekend for the first time since he was involved in an accident during a dirt track race in which driver Kevin Ward, Jr. was killed.  Do you think criminal charges will be filed against Tony Stewart?


There has been another in-flight disruption over a reclining seat that led to another plane being diverted – the second such incident this week!  Who do you side with – the passenger who wants to recline their seat or the passenger who is cramped in the seat behind?


Today is the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  The tragedy caused by Katrina has led to a new spirit in New Orleans.  What good have you seen result from Katrina 9 years ago?

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