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Scoot's Top 8 at 8


Police in eastern Wisconsin made a traffic stop and found the driver behind to be intoxicated – not only was she intoxicated but she was only 13-years-old!  And 5 other juveniles, 14 and under, were riding in the car.  What’s wrong with this picture?


It seemed like a ridiculous idea – low-fat French fries!  Burger King tried introducing “Satisfries” – fries with lower calories, fat and sodium.  Overall, it has been a bust and 2/3rds of Burger King restaurants are dropping the item from the menu.


A northeast Ohio teenager has been arrested after the video of him kicking a stray cat went viral.  Trevonte Mitchell, 18, kicked a cat as he and a friend walked down the street.  Why did the video go viral?  Do those who watch videos of animal abuse contributing to the abuse by watching and sharing the videos?


Robin William’s wife revealed that her husband was suffering from the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease and that may have contributed to his suicide.  Also – sheriff’s officials in the San Francisco Bay area have been criticized for releasing details of Robin William’s suicide – but officials say state law requires the release of the information.  Is it wrong to release details of someone’s death?


What is the psychology behind the Ice Bucket Challenge?  Did you or your kids take the challenge?  Why?  Is it about having 15 seconds of fame?  Or – is it really about raising money for ALS research?



A 47-year-old man was died from a stabbing, last night, near Bourbon and Toulouse.  Two men started fighting and that led to the stabbing.  The man who was stabbed last night was also stabbed Sunday evening about 10:30 pm in the 600 block of Decatur Street, but he was released from the hospital.  Police have yet to determine if the two stabbings were related. NOPD is looking for the suspect and the description is in the story on our website – WWL.com.


With a lot of help from the community – NOPD has arrested 2 suspects in the shooting Sunday that left 2 people dead and 5 injured.  Chief Serpas believes guns and drugs were involved.


Violence continued last night in Ferguson, MO in protest of the police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old.  Now, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has ordered the state police to take over supervision of security in the St. Louis suburb.  Ferguson police arrested a couple of reporters and an alderman from St. Louis.  Does this cast questions on the competence of the Ferguson Police Department?

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