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SCOOT'S Top 8 @ 8

Scoot's Top 8 at 8


On this day in 1968, the rock musical “Hair” opened on Broadway!  The message of the musical, which included a nude scene on stage, was a reflection of a new young generation dedicated to rebelling against the Establishment.


The TV show, “Good Times,” will become a movie!  Will you go see it?  What sitcom from the past would you like to see made into a movie?


A bill that would do away with film tax credits was talked about in Baton Rouge today.  Do you think the film industry is taking advantage of Louisiana or contributing greatly to the state?


Parents talking to people in person and on their cellphones are distractions that lead to many injuries children suffer at playgrounds.


A secret recording to Tulsa reserve police officer Robert Bates raises more questions about whether Bates paid to “play a cop.”


Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments about whether to legalize same-sex marriage.  What is your argument for or against?


City leaders and some French Quarter businesses are joining together to form a new special task force to help fight crime in the French Quarter.  The task force will be called “Bourbon Patrol” and it will patrol Bourbon Street between Canal and St. Ann.  Don’t most of the crimes in the French Quarter take place on side streets or deeper in the Quarter?


President Obama called the young people that rioted and looted in Baltimore “criminals and thugs.”  The President said that America needs to do some “soul-searching” to solve race-related problems and that young people should not be born into poverty. The passionate reaction to the Baltimore riots continues tonight on “The Scoot Show” on WWL.

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Scoot: Don't dishonor Memorial Day with hate and intolerance
This weekend is the emotional beginning of the summer of 2015. Memorial Day Weekend still inspires a "summertime" mentality, even though we are adults and not celebrating the end of our school year. For 12 impressionable years of our lives, we were...
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Scoot: Gov. Jindal signs his confession of hypocrisy
When Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed an executive order to trump the will of the Legislature on the "Marriage and Conscience Act," he essentially signed a confession of hypocrisy. Jindal has been one of many Republican politicians who have...
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Scoot: Is rap music to blame for the decline of Christianity?
When today's Establishment was young, rock music considered the root of all-evil! Today, that generation is the new Establishment and many in that generation are quick to point a finger at rap music, including Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly. ...
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Scoot: When would you run from police?
Under what circumstances would you run from the police? A billboard campaign in Atlanta promoting residents to "Stay Calm, Don't Run" during encounters with law enforcement has led to criticism from some members of the Atlanta City Council. A...
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Scoot: Saints, other NFL teams paid to salute the troops
If the headline read: "Cash-strapped NFL grateful for being paid to support the troops" – that would be different from the story that many NFL fans find appalling. The Defense Department paid 14 NFL teams more than $5 million over a four-year...
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Scoot: Parents should be punished for kids left in cars
As summer approaches and the temperatures are heating up, there have been more stories in the news about parents forgetting their young children in the car. Sometimes there is a happy ending to the stories about children left in hot cars, but too often...
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Scoot: Is the liberal media tough on Hillary?
From the moment I began doing talk radio on WWL in 1991 following years in music radio, I have heard the media described as the "liberal media" almost as a warning that the media are on a malicious mission to brainwash America. And to this day, I...
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Scoot: Office pool - when will Zimmerman be dead or in jail?
George Zimmerman, the man found not guilty of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin after fatally shooting him in 2012, is back in the news. This time Zimmerman was slightly injured by shattered glass when someone shot at him through the windshield of...
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Scoot: Parents should be aware of dangers of "huffing"
I was filling in for Garland today and in the 12:00 pm hour I talked about a recent tragedy involving a teenager from Kiln, Mississippi who died from "huffing." Charlie Stroud would have been 15 years old last week, but he died about a month ago from...
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Scoot: What role does social media play in divorce rates?
It should come as no surprise that social media is playing a big role in the divorce rate, but is it fair to blame social media? A new study from the U.K. shows that 1 in 4 married people had at least 1 argument with their spouse about social media on a...
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