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SCOOT'S Top 8 @ 8

Scoot's Top 8 at 8


Sarah Palin was ticketed for speeding and afterwards she joked that she wasn’t “speeding” – she was “qualifying!”  That’s a NASCAR reference.  She also said that her choice of music played a part in her going 63 in a 45 – she said she was listening to “I Can’t Drive 55” by Sammy Hager.  Did you ever talk your way out of a ticket? What did you say? And what song would tempt you to drive fast (Not that you should!)?


WHY?  A vice principal at a middle school in Baton Rouge has been arrested for exchanging naked pictures with a 15-year-old student from the school.  Why do people do that?  Maybe it’s not gays and lesbians in schools that pose a threat to your children – maybe it’s the straight ones.


During the first 6 months of legalized recreational marijuana in Seattle, police were more likely to ticket homeless people and African Americans for public pot use. Washington State legalized recreational use of pot – but not smoking pot in public.


Republican Senator Ted Cruz is questioning whether President Obama used the FAA to impose sanctions on Israel when all U.S. flights were stopped from flying into the Tel Aviv airport. Do you think the FAA’s ban on flights to Tel Aviv was political – or about safety?


Bob Eschliman, a news editor for the Newton Daily News in Iowa has been fired for what he claims is a violation of his religious rights. Eschliman wrote what was considered a homophobic blog that the newspaper’s reputation was damaged.  Eschliman is a Christian and is suing the newspaper for firing him.  If religious freedom in the workplace protects anti-gay beliefs – then would it also protect support of Islam or Satan?


It’s July 23 – summer is flying by – have you taken your vacation yet? Will you go on vacation? Do you take one long vacation or do you take a series of extended weekends? Experts encourage Americans to take a real vacation rather than extended weekends. Where have you gone this year and what vacation stands out in your mind as one of the best ever?


Have you ever been scared?  Really scared?  Where were you and why were you concerned about a life and death situation?  And that includes those of you who are veterans.


Last night on “The Scoot Show” we talked about people who suffer from “political identity disorder” – those who do not define themselves strictly with the far right or the far left.  Tonight – we’ll talk about those you associate with – spouse, partner, family, friends – can you live with or around those who have a completely different political ideology?  Or is that impossible?

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The new justification for expressing extreme anti-gay views is freedom of religion. Bob Eschliman, a news editor for the Newton Daily News in Iowa, was fired for writing what his employers considered a homophobic blog. Bob Eschliman is a Christian...
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Scoot: Do you suffer from "political identity disorder?"
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Scoot: Is dating someone for money a form of prostitution?
The highly publicized death of 51-year-old Google executive, Forrest Hayes, is raising questions about wealthy, successful men and upscale prostitutes. High-priced prostitute, Alix Tichelman, 26, has been charged with the murder of Forrest Hayes...
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