Report: critically ill patient taken from freighter has malaria

Jefferson Parish President John Young says a federal health officials has informed him that a critically ill patient taken from a freighter docked in Belle Chasse has malaria, WWL-TV reports. Read more...
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Scoot: Is 'tipping' officially out of control?

The custom of tipping a waiter or waitress has always been based on the idea that they are not even paid minimum wage and the assumption is that they will be tipped for service rendered.  But what about the people who are paid minimum wage or above – why are we suddenly tipping those people? Read More

Sean Payton previews home opener vs Vikings

Payton said Ingram hurt his hand in the first half vs Browns. He had surgery. Will be week to week. Read More
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Kristian: Saints RB Ingram played most of Browns game with broken hand

Saints coach Sean Payton announced running back Mark Ingram had surgery to repair a fracture in his hand. “There was a fracture, it was displaced, so it wasn’t something he could put a cast on.  Everything went well. He’ll be a week to week player.” Read More

Unlock the Million Dollar Vault!

Starting Monday, September 15, WWL will give you a chance to win $1,000,000.00! That's no typo. One MILLION dollars could be yours in our nationwide Million Dollar Vault Contest! Read More