Resident Pros

Deke: Bobby & Hokie note offense's fast start, but D closes hard

Even if you know absoultely nothing about football, by listening to Coach Ryan and Coach Vitt you would conclude that the Saints defense did not get off to a good start this morning. I can't write out 95% of what was coming out Rob Ryan. Read More
Cop Arrested

Cop arrested, suspended after allegedly trying to run man down

The NOPD has arrested and suspended an officer after she allegedly attacked a man. "Officer Stephanie Caldwell has been placed on emergency suspension without pay after being arrested... Read more
Physical Saints

Kristian: Saints get physical, offense has the edge

The Saints offensive line set the tone early in practice with a physical "inside running game” drill. Defensive coaches Joe Vitt and Rob Ryan expressed their displeasure through a number of choice words that not suitable for print or the air. Read More
Concert Demand

New Orleans: ''A hot concert city''

New Orleans has suddenly become a concert hot spot.  The success of recent shows like Elton John, Jay Z with Beyonce and Bruno Mars have shown the industry that there is a lot of money to be made in the Crescent City. "We are a hot concert city right now... Read more
Win Money!

Summer Splash Cash Contest

Beat the heat! WWL is giving you a chance to win $1,000 in our nationwide Splash Cash Contest!  Winning is incredibly easy and all you have to do is text us! Read More