Recovery Starts

At least 24 dead as Obama OKs federal aid for West Virginia

With the missing accounted for in all but one county, West Virginia has begun turning its attention to recovery after disastrous floods killed at least 24 people and rendered many more homeless. The deluge knocked out utilities that still haven't been restored in some communities.  Read more...

Analysis: Budget questions marks remain after session's end

After 19 weeks of work, Louisiana's lawmakers have gone home, but it will take months to figure out what they've done and how it impacts the state's finances.  The more than $26 billion state operating budget crafted by the House and Senate ...Read more
Saints Camp

Kristian: Status of Saints training camp still unknown admist floods

West Virginia, in particular Greenbrier valley, and White Sulphur Springs has suffered from significant flooding at the Greenbrier resort and surrounding communities.  “America’s Resort” is closed until further notice, and 60 roads in the area are still closed.  Read More
Trying To Unite

Primary odd couple pushes to unite Democratic party

It seemed like a surprising party of two. There was Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton's top campaign aide, known for his calm temperament and fiercely disciplined ways, and Jeff Weaver, a combative political fighter often called Bernie Sanders' alter ego, ...Read more
Gay Pride

At gay pride parades, large crowds and increased security

With a moment of silence followed by the roar of motorcycles, New York City's gay pride parade kicked off Sunday, a celebration of barriers breached and a remembrance of the lives lost in the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando.  Read more...