Executive Order

President Donald Trump issues a flurry of orders

President Donald Trump moved to pull the United States out of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact Monday, dealing a quick blow to Barack Obama's legacy as the new chief executive began fulfilling campaign promises in his first full week in office.  Read more...
New Charges

New sex charges for ROTC instructor

An ROTC instructor at Mandeville High school is facing more serious charges after he was initially booked with computer solicitation of a minor. Read more...
Scoot Blog

Scoot: Our new President and the rise of "alternative facts"

Facts cannot be dismissed simply because someone doesn’t like what the facts represent. It doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter to Trump or anyone if he attracted the largest inaugural crowd in history. But Trump is President, and his infatuation with insignificant matters is a troubling sign. Read More
Triple Shooting

A second victim dies in triple shooting in Metairie

A second victim from last night's triple shooting on S. Laurel Street,  identified as 25-year-old Malcolm Wallace was pronounced dead earlier this morning at UMC.  A teenage girl died after the overnight gunfire off of Airline Drive in Metairie.  Read more...

Humble People

Doctor calls the Bushes 'the most humble people'

Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara have touched the medical staff at a Houston hospital with their humility.  One of their physicians, Dr. Amy Mynderse, told reporters that when she informed the 92-year-old former president ...Read more