"Kristian: Does Les Miles owe Jarrett Lee anything?"
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12/07/2011 12:32PM
Kristian: Does Les Miles owe Jarrett Lee anything?
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12/07/2011 1:32PM
Miles is in charge
I agree 100%. Les owes one thing - to put the TEAM in the best position to win (or to assure victory, as he would say). He does not owe anything to Jordan or Jarrett individually, but only to the team.
12/07/2011 1:34PM
Kristian stick to the Saints
This team would not be where they are without Jarrett Lee. Nobody's perfect but he stuck around for years after he could have transferred to another school
12/07/2011 2:14PM
Does Les Miles owe Jarrett Lee anything?
I greatly appreciate what Jarrett Lee has brought to the table this year. Without him, LSU would not be where they are. However, you have to look at the entire year. When you do that, you see Lee had a vital part and now Jefferson has his part. We neededboth. No, Miles does not owe anyone anything but to do his job the best he sees fit!
12/07/2011 2:15PM
Does Les Miles owe Jarrett Lee anything?
I greatly appreciate what Jarrett Lee has brought to the table this year. Without him, LSU would not be where they are. However, you have to look at the entire year. When you do that, you see Lee had a vital part and now Jefferson has his part. We neededboth. No, Miles does not owe anyone anything but to do his job the best he sees fit!
12/07/2011 2:26PM
I think you're wrong.
I think Les DOES owe Jarret Lee time. Without him, we wouldn't BE in the GREAT position we're IN. So, I think this article is garbage. JJ isn't all that. He's screwed up plenty - on AND off the field and now you want to act like he's THE qb? c'mon man. That's so dumb.
12/07/2011 2:30PM
I agree
I agree Lee wants a National Championship ring that he an his teammates have earned. Les is the coach and it is his job to get them that ring.
12/07/2011 2:48PM
Hypocritical Fans
Is anyone whining about Spencer Ware's diminished playing time as Hilliard takes his spot? How did you feel when Matthew smoked synthetic marijuana? Did he deserve another chance? We all appreciate Lee's contributions and he should get more than kneel down duty if the game is well in hand but Les Miles makes the calls. And LSU is 13-0. I think there is genuine hate for Jefferson. I tend to believe it's racial. We never know what's going on behind the scenes with Miles and Lee. But Miles is trying to win a championship not appease TAF or the fans.
12/07/2011 3:02PM
Don't forget about Bama...
Anyone who thinks JJ will carry LSU to a win over Bama by himself is seriously mistaken. Saban was probably not prepared for JJ to come into the game the first time, but I can guarantee you this, he will stop the option this time. Given that JJ can barely hit the broad side of a barn, Les better make Lee a part of the game plan.
12/07/2011 3:26PM
Partly agree and not
I agree that Bama will be prepared, as well as LSU. I like both QBs to play. Mix it and see if LSU can throw Bama off their game. They will expect JJ to play.
12/07/2011 4:16PM
You base your presumption of all will be forgotten on winning. You have to win first and this time the tigers will not face the same Bama team by a longshot. Heres a prediction for you TIDE 34 - TIGERS 31.
12/07/2011 4:53PM
For future LSU quarterback recruit(s) to decide
Future LSU quarterback recruits will make the concluisons on whether the coach is fair or not by deciding to go to LSU or not.
12/07/2011 4:55PM
agree partly
Miles owes nothing to Lee. Miles is known as a players coach. This is not what a players coach does. I think Coach Miles has done an outstanding job. I think there may be more to Lee not playing than we know about. The tigers had a large lead in Atlanta. Lee could have come in and handed the ball off just like Jefferson did. We as fans are not the coach. Ultimately it is his decision like it or not.
12/07/2011 5:51PM
Take a Knee!!
Question: When Lee was playing so great and JJ came back did Miles let him take a knee? I totally agree with Miles starting Lee against Bama and also agree when he pulled him. But two blowout games and you send Lee in to take a knee. I think Miles did it just to rubb it into the faces of LSU fans. We all know that Saban will put nine men in the box and force JJ to throw, we can only hope he is on in his passing game,and not like the Georgia game!! And we can only hope that JJ is not in the game if it comes down to managing the clock!!
12/07/2011 6:37PM
Owed? No. Due? YES
Jarrett Lee was playing a really good season. Better than Jefferson ever did. The question isn't does Miles owe Lee but is Lee due and the answer is yes. If Les Miles wants to have the respect of the fans along with the wins he needs to provide an open explanation or put Lee in. Lee earned it and Jefferson never did. Lee played a much more difficult schedule than Jefferson. And Jefferson is NOT why we beat Alabama. The defense is why. Miles must understand this IS NOT HIS team. LSU is OUR TEAM and he has the privilege to coach it. He should keep the fans up to date on what he's doing and why. His failure to do this in Lee's case either means Lee has done something wrong or Miles lacks character.
12/07/2011 7:18PM
Fair is Fair
What we have is NOT a two way street. You may recall when Jeff came back, the declaration was that Lee was the starter. You may also recall that Jeff rotated in fairly quickly. Now that Jeff is the starter, its not working the other way around when Jeff is struggling. Can you say "record setting half of NO 1st downs?" Fair is fair ... or Not?
12/07/2011 7:19PM
Lee committed to the team, it should respect that committment
Gang, let's realize that Lee could have chosen to leave LSU given the history before this season, ... and the one before that. He elected to give his commitment to THIS university, team and coaching staff. It seems that it has abandoned him. Its a bit embarrassing. The only "unless" is if there is some unspoken story in the background. Whether its the current rumors or something else. Then we are left with "trusting" the coaching staff, ... as Lee and his family did 4 years ago.
12/07/2011 8:38PM
lil respect
im with you, but i think jefferson should have been doing the kneeling against georia. if lee wasn't needed that's fine, but to put him in just to kneel the ball is a slap in the face and a sign of disrespect.
12/07/2011 8:47PM
Rumors or truth?
Is there any truth to the rumors going around that Lee will not be eligible by the titla game? Heard he has been depressed and not going to class???
12/07/2011 9:24PM
As a coach your first responsibility is to make your team the best it can be. Having said that, you cannot forget the troops that got you where you are. Jarrett Lee should have been used more than he was the last few games. There were plenty of opportunities to make that happen. Les basically used the guy then said, the hell with you. I get it, they are going for the national championship. Les can have both, champions and loyalty to guy who was loyal to the team.
12/07/2011 9:59PM
I believe Les owes Jarrett some respect by letting him play once the game is no longer in doubt. The main thing that disturbed me was on senior day the game was decided with almost 7 minutes left and he sent Jefferson back in to try and score again. Lee should have been put in just to show him some respect as a senior player, not wait until the last few seconds of the game.
12/07/2011 10:55PM
What If?
If Jarrett Lee was black and Jefferson was white, do you really think this would be going on?????????? I don't think so....
12/08/2011 6:57AM
Compare and look back
Jefferson didn't play too hot against Georgia. Look at his stats and did you watch the game. Miles didn't pull Lee. Remember last year.
12/08/2011 7:15AM
J LEE should have played more
If it wasn't for Jarrett Lee, this team may not be in a position to play for the National Championship. Leading the team to 8 and 0 is a very strong statement. It is a shame Miles doesn't feel that way. In the SEC championship game, if not for Mathieu, the Tigers lose to Georgia. Miles was very stubborn not to let Lee play when Jefferson was struggling in the first half.
12/08/2011 7:40AM
Miles has young men that want to win, that's why you go to LSU. Lee played outstanding at a time when our year was in jeopardy. However, this is a hard life lesson, and no one can argue that Miles lead this team to a BCS title, with many, many distractions! Geaux Fighting Tigers - kick some elephant behind!
12/08/2011 8:31AM
Wronged Lee
The team would not be 13-0 if Jefferson had been starting QB. We would have lost the Oregon game with JJ. zIf Lee truly had academic problems then Les was right to dicipline him. But it was obvious from reinstatement that Les wanted JJ as starter. Look a play calling in 1st 4 games and then look a play calling after that. The team passed on 1st down often and we very successful. After game 4 we passed on 3rd down only. Had Lee performed anything like JJ in the SECCG he's have been pulled so quick it's make your head spin. Les said he considered it but I honestly don;t believe that statement. Again, If Lee got himself in academic trouble then I agree with Les's decision to go with JJ, but he should have been preparing Mett if case JJ got hurt.
12/08/2011 9:35AM
Not owed....
I cannot believe all of this second guessing Les Miles. Nobody knows the inner workings of the team except for the coaching staff and the players. This needs to stop and focus on beating BAMA. If JJ had not made a stupid decision several months ago, he would have played every game and JL would have never played except at the the end of games. JJ was the starter from the beginning of the year and stepped back in when THE COACH thought it was time. JL did a fantastic job and will be rewarded by a lifetime of memories of being an LSU Tiger and winning the games he did. I was listening to Bob D the other day and all of these people called in and said that Miles humiliated Lee by putting him in for the last snap against Georgia. That is bull. I'd be happy to take one snap in a lifetime in a major college football game. Let's put all this to rest and concentrate on one thing--the National Championship game where the Tide WILL GO DOWN!!!!
12/08/2011 10:31AM
Owed respectable time at end of games.
When JJ can't hit the side of a barn door, he needs to be sat down for a series or 2 to calm down. 7 series and no 1st downs. Even Tulane would have managed at least one. I agree JJ gives us the best chance against the gumps. However, better keep Lee's hands warm when JJ gets knocked out of the game or a series. Better believe he's going to get the treatment in N.O. Geaux Tigers.
12/08/2011 2:03PM
Not to classey
If Les is goint to stick with JJ then lt him kneel the ball t the end. I would be greatly offened if I were Jarred lee and I think the fans really feel for him. JJ had the worst half in SEC histoy and Lee was not even given a chance. I mean Les could nottry him to see what would happen? Give the boy a shot if JJ is not performing.
12/08/2011 2:58PM
choach shows no class
without lee LSU would not be3 in the place it is and to send Lee in just to knell on the ball is an insult to this young man with the score LSU had Lee could have been put in the game and even if he screwed up and gave up a TD LSU would still have won. Lee has been treated badly by a self serving coach.
12/08/2011 4:03PM
Yes Les owes Lee it's sad the way Les treaded Lee
12/08/2011 4:15PM
No brains Jefferson
Mile I believe owes Lee respect. Without him for the first five games where would we be? In the last game against Georgia Jefferson was terrible, why did he not put Lee into the game. He pulled Lee after throwing two interceptions, and since Jefferson was having a bad day why did he not pull Jefferson. Miles always wanted Jefferson but Jefferson screwed up and he had no choice to play Lee. Sorry but Lee deserves to play in place of Jefferson no matter if they win or not.
12/08/2011 7:09PM
12/09/2011 12:00PM
JJ not good at all
I re-watched the Bama game last night and JJ certainly didn't win that game. If anything, he costs the Tigers numerous points with HORRIBLE passing and decision making. He played even worse against Georgia but somehow remained in the game? The only reason LSU won against Georgia was from the run game and Tyrann. I'm not saying Lee is good but JJ is downright horrible. Lee provides a better chance to win if Miles would stick with him and not instill the fear in Lee that he will pull him the second he messes up ONCE.
12/09/2011 12:12PM
Miles "owes" him respect
Miles could have gievn Lee lots of snaps in games that LSU was in total control of but, he didn't. I believe that's what most fans are angry about. Not that Jefferson is starting. Fans just want to see Lee given the change to get on the field. I don't believe that's asking to much. And as far as coach of the, if Bama makes one of those three fields goals they missed then Saban would have gotten that honor.
12/10/2011 12:40AM
Seeing all that Lee has done for LSU, would it hurt Miles or LSU to play Lee for 5 or 10 minutes in the fouth quarter if LSU is leading by 3 or 4 touchdowns?!? It may help his morale and confidence, and who knows, LSU may need him on January 9 just likethey needed him last year to beat Bama!!!
12/10/2011 9:24AM
@Not Owed!
Bull!!! If you were a true athlete and loved playing you WOULD NOT be satisfied with a knee down with 30 seconds left when you have been up by 3 scores since 6 minutes left and the other senior quarterback is struggling . Bull!
12/10/2011 9:29AM
@JJ Not Good at all
Totally Agree. The bloggers trying to make this a racial thing are just racist. Color has nothing to do with it. It's being fair to both Seniors.
12/11/2011 2:34AM
Putting Jarrett Lee in the game for one snap to end the game was an insult.
Jarrett Lee, thank you for helping LSU get to 8-0. Without your outstanding play, LSU would not have gone 8-0. Coach Miles has gone out of his way to keep JJ happy. Jarrett Lee, continue to play with class. We made need you in the big game against Alabama. Stay prepared, win the game, and be the MVP. If you do not play, and we win, please enjoy the win and the many thanks from Tiger Fans for your service.
12/11/2011 2:36AM
Putting Jarrett Lee in the game for one snap to end the game was an insult.
Jarrett Lee, thank you for helping LSU get to 8-0. Without your outstanding play, LSU would not have gone 8-0. Coach Miles has gone out of his way to keep Jefferson happy. Jarrett Lee, continue to play with class. We made need you in the big game against Alabama. Stay prepared, win the game, and be the MVP. If you do not play, and we win, please enjoy the win and the many thanks from Tiger Fans for your service.
12/26/2011 4:16PM
Jarrett Lee
Thank You Jarrett...we owe you so much and i am so sorry for your treatment by CLM. There is no way he doesn't know he did you wrong and it will come back around. Your last game at death valley you both should have gotten equal time. Shame on you Coach Miles. All I could do was just shake my head and listen to the announcers talk about how much Lee had done for this team. It was sickening!!It will come back around Miles..hope your kids are never treated that way. Thank You Jarret you are a true LSU Tiger forever. Shame on you Kristian for forgetting the human side of this!!
12/26/2011 4:24PM
01/09/2012 10:35PM
Les Miles
What a joke for a coach. The tigers are obviously going to lose this game against Alabama with this idiot of a quarter back Jordan Jefferson and he won't put in Lee. What, does he actually think; he and his pal Jefferson are bonding??? What a @$#$%% joke!!!!!
01/09/2012 11:02PM
Karma's a b&$ch
How's it working for you now, idiot??
01/09/2012 11:10PM
Missed Opportunity
Les Miles missed a great opportunity to put more pressure on the Alabama defense by forcing them to prepare for BOTH Jefferson and Lee. Might not have made a difference in tonight's BCSNC game, but looks like LSU needed another edge of some type. LSU did not look like they were up emotionally for this game - not sure why?
01/10/2012 11:11AM
Well Well Well
21-0, great discretion coaching on Miles lets give it up for Les "Clap-Clap" Really it is sad to see a man play the first of the season and do well. Then all of a sudden a here comes Jefferson....who should have been kicked the whole season. Can you really decide whether or not it would have been different if Lee was But one thing is to be said, Les didnt eat enough grass before the game, and Alabama came in and ate them up. Way to go alabama. Good job sitting back, wating for 01/09/12 while everyone was talking about how great LSU was. Lets face it, you could see Jefferson was not playing great in the SEC championship. Jefferson is not perceived as the leader of that team, why he stayed in the whole time? I like to think it was his bed to lye in. Jarrett Lee I wish you the best and hope the world has better things coming your way. Fire Les Miles.
01/10/2012 12:41PM
Martin Lawrence at Quarterback.
What a joke Jordan Jefferson totally embarassed LSU with his normal pathetic quarterback play. THis guy is so clueless with his I,m a Dumba look on his face everytime he hits the field. Jarrett Lee on his worst day is still a better qb than Jefferson.The reason LSU didnt throw the ball more last night was that Jefferson CANT THROW . Give Alabama their due they were absolutely the better team last night. A DIEHARD LSU FAN
01/13/2012 11:12AM
@Kristian and Not Owed
Feel Stupid? I sure would!!!!
04/03/2013 7:12PM
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