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"Injuries force Saints to shuffle lineup"
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Deke's Blog
Bobby: NFL should suspend Tom Brady
They have been the model franchise for the most powerful league in all of professional sports, but once again the New England Patriots are under fire. Today an investigation commissioned by the National Football League found that the New England...
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Bobby: Saints should aim for a Draft class that looks like '06
The time has come. It’s NFL Draft Day and our boys are fired up and ready to roll! “How can you not be excited?" said a fired up Bobby Hebert. "The Saints have nine picks, the team is getting a lot of attention from other...
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Saints GM Loomis: Our focus is on getting better right now
Saints Executive Vice President Mickey Loomis addressed the media today, just before his club participates in the 2015 NFL Draft.  “You just don’t know what kind of call you might get,” Loomis said when asked if he may be...
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Detillier on Saints, NFL Draft: "It's crunch time!"
He’s been covering the draft for nearly 30 years, so when he talks, people listen.  NFL Analyst Mike Detiller is one busy man right now and Mike has been gearing up for this weekend’s 2015 NFL Draft. “This is the time when you...
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Monty: I feel this season was a great success for Pelicans
The most successful Pelicans season in four years came to an end as the #1 seeded Golden State Warriors finished off a clean sweep of the #8 seeded New Orleans Pelicans.  New Orleans Coach Monty Williams put a wrap on the season with his final press...
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Hokie's Blog
Real Housewives of Kings Landing
A fan with some decent editing software has put together an almost brilliant mash-up of clips from Game of Thrones plus behind-the-scenes footage into a promo worthy of Bravo's Real Housewives series. Welcome to Real Housewives of Kings Landing,...
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Catchphrase, Colombian Style
One of Jimmy Fallon's regular Tonight Show celebrity games is Catchphrase. In it, each player has to get his or her partner to say a particular phrase by providing clues without saying any part of the phrase. It's a variation on the old...
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TBT - The Talking Dog
This one slipped by me a few weeks ago, but it's worth watching. It's a segment from Britain's Got Talent, featuring a 61-year-old Parisian who works with Wendy, a talking dog. Yes, a talking dog. Okay, it's a ventriloquist act,...
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The Battle of One Direction
You probably remember that Zayn Malik quit One Direction about a month ago, in the middle of the band's tour. Now, he's hooked up with a music producer, Naughty Boy. And Naughty Boy decided to tweet a picture of himself and his new protege,...
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Let's Have Tea - at the Bottom of the River
A guy snorkeling in the Colorado River made a scary find the other day. Two human skeletons in chairs on the riverbed. He reported the find to the local sheriff's office, and now he's embarrassed to find out they're made of plastic, and...
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Bobby's Blog
Kristian's Blog
Post-draft, Saints start releasing veteran players
The Saints have the draft in the books, and are already parting ways with some veterans on the roster. According to a league source, the Saints have released LB Kyle Knox after a nine-member draft class saw six selections (including 3 linebackers)...
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Kristian: A surface review of the 2015 Saints draft class
This is usually the day all the experts hand out draft grades for the Saints and other NFL teams, and I've see anywhere from B+ to C- for the Black and Gold. While I don't get into the grading of the draft until a full season with that class has been...
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Kristian: Names to watch for Saints in round 2
The Saints own three selections on day two of the draft, and could go in a number of directions with the 44th pick (12th pick in round 2). Here are a few players to keep an eye on: wide receivers Jalen Strong (Arizona State) Devin Smith (Ohio State)...
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Hokie: I'm surprised, but I like Andrus Peat pick
For the first time in the Sean Payton era, the Saints grabbed an offensive lineman in the first round…Stanford's Andrus Peat.  This continues the off-season effort to rebuild the offensive line.  "He's a plug and play...
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Payton: Saints won't take QB in 1st round
The Saints are executing a very clear mission this off-season.  They want talent, but with that talent, the team also wants “toughness, intelligence and character,” said Director of Pro Scouting, Terry Fontenot.  That will continue...
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