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Deke's Blog
Deke: A look back at NFL Championship history
The long history of Championship Sunday has many highlights, big plays, historic players and coaches and a little bit of everything in between.  But tomorrow we may be witnessing the four best defensive teams to play on title game Sunday. The...
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Deke: Saints cannot miss on Payton
If I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong. If Sean Payton did not want to remain in New Orleans as Head Coach, then you can't fault the Saints for that - after all, you can't force anyone to do something that they don't wish to do. But if the...
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Deke: SEC flexes its muscle during bowl season
Let me first of all say that ever since I have been able to make sense of sports, when it comes to college football, I’ve always had the mindset that the ultimate factor in determining which conference is the best, I first and foremost point...
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Deke: Aranda should bring solid results to LSU defense
Coach Les Miles did not waste any time in naming his new Defensive Coordinator.  "He’s everything that we were looking for in a defensive coordinator. He’s youthful with tremendous enthusiasm; our players are going to love him. He...
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Deke: Payton and Miles need a strong 2016 to stay with Saints, Tigers
OK let’s face it - we are all ranked on how we are paid in the real game of life. The more you money make, the more you have to produce.  For both Saints Coach Sean Payton and LSU Coach Les Miles, the price tag is currently outweighing the...
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Hokie's Blog
Drunk or Kid?
YI! Its time for another edition of Drunk or Kid! The first story was a kid who stole his mom's gun and held up a convenient store. Second story was a person who stole a decorative item from a restaurant, but returned it with a note and candy....
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OPP: Dad Moving on Too Fast
YI! Today's ‪OPP‬ is from Nikki who is dealing with the loss of her mother who passed away 3 months ago. To add to her grief, she is also upset because her father is already dating someone else. ‬She feels as though he is...
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Hidden/Useless Talent
YI! We all have hiddent talents, and while some are useless, some are quite entertaining, like the guy below who peeled a coconut in seconds, using only his teeth! Bizarre moment man strips whole coconut in 20 seconds - using just his...
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Steve: Saints bid farewell to Brandon Browner
Many Saints fans Mardi Gras just got even better as it appears that cornerback Brandon Browner has been released by the Saints: I truly did love the city, really wanted to do well for the 504. Some of the best people, best hospitality,...
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It's a Flying Fish, Naturally
A weather reporter (according to this TV account) was taping her reaction to an ocean storm on Barry Island off the coast of Wales when she got a surprise. A wave broke over a wall, and a rather large fish hit her in the head. It's a pretty...
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Bobby's Blog
Kristian's Blog
Kristian: Saints meeting with several of nation's top seniors
Several players are starting to stand out here in Mobile at Senior Bowl.  Some are standing out for the right reasons and have caught the interest of the Saints.  Noah Spence OLB (Eastern Kentucky): I wrote about him yesterday and he's...
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Payton: First impressions are huge for Saints at Senior Bowl
Impressions: We've all heard the saying "Never fail to make a good first impression," right? Or something to that effect.  NFL hopefuls and  college seniors are in Mobile, Alabama this week trying to do just that.. make a good...
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Saints DE Cam Jordan headed to Pro Bowl
​Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan is headed to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl as an injury replacement for Patriots DE Chandler Jones.   Jordan had 10 sacks on a defensive unit that ranked last or next to last in just about every category....
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Kristian: Saints eyeing Senior Bowl talent in Mobile this week
The off-season scouting process is well underway for the Saints and the rest of the NFL, following last week’s East vs West Shrine game last week. This week the Saints and others will flood Mobile, Alabama to check out the top seniors in the...
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Kristian: Does parity truly exist in the NFL?
The AFC and NFC title games are set between the Broncos vs Patriots in the AFC and Panthers vs Cardinals in the NFC.  New England is making their 10th appearance in the conference championship game since 2001.  Let me says that again, 10 trips...
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