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Kristian: Safety Malcolm Jenkins headed to Philly

The first unrestricted free agent to leave New Orleans in 2014 is Malcolm Jenkins, according to a source.

The former first-round pick is headed to the Eagles on a three year deal.  Jenkins was a part of the Saints' 2009 Super Bowl squad in his rookie season as a cornerback.  In 2010, he switched to safety and was voted team captain in 2011. Click here to view his stats.

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03/11/2014 4:21PM
Kristian: Safety Malcolm Jenkins headed to Philly
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03/11/2014 4:39PM
Kep you're player
03/11/2014 4:39PM
R U kidding me?
What now?
03/11/2014 5:06PM
answer to Malcolm's tweet:
We will... Except when we're playing Philly. :-)
03/11/2014 5:08PM
Deal with the moves
We have no choice but to deal with what's going on!Whether Saints fans like it or not and they will,Deal with it!
03/11/2014 5:08PM
No Doubt
I have absolutely no doubt that Sean Payton Knows EXACTLY what he is doing!!!
03/11/2014 5:47PM
Cleaning House....?
In what started out as the releasing of 4 veteran players to "shore-up" the Defense; it's become clear that our entire team is being dismantled! In September, we'll be watching a "Rookie-Team" take to the field. Thanks for the 're-building' off-season that we didn't need after going 11-5 and making the Playoffs, again.
03/11/2014 5:57PM
Good luck MJ!
I have serious concerns about our being able to compete and win our division next season.
03/11/2014 6:05PM
darn shame
Pirre, vilma, Smith, Moore, jabari sproles now Jenkins. What the ???? Next. Now we don't have a god??? Team s???. How stupid can Payton get. I think it's the coaching staff not the players.
03/11/2014 6:16PM
Saints will suck this season..
03/11/2014 6:36PM
Jenkins, Harper. These two must have gotten paid by the number of missed tackles. My 2 dogs have a better nose for the ball then these 2
03/11/2014 7:20PM
Move forward or get left behind
The Saints are doing what needs to be done. You know what they say, "Move forward or get left behind". Very few players are irreplaceable and the Saints haven't gotten rid of one yet. I hope they get something good for Jimmy.
03/11/2014 8:03PM
Super Bowl Pals
I'll always remember the Super Bowl team players and have a soft place in my heart for them - thanks for those memories. Good luck and God bless - no one likes change and I am a part of no one, but I hope it works out good for all involved.
03/11/2014 9:40PM
Sproles still a Saint but not for long
Everybody is talking about the Saints cutting Harper, Vilma, jenkins, Moore & others. How many interception did Harper & Jenkins have sence 2009, not many right, J. Bird has almost as many in one year as those two have sence 2009, the saints willsign FS J. Bird and all you Who Dat doutters will shout up, we have not had a play maker back there sence D. Sharper, Bird is the next Sharper bar none, and don't be surprise if DeMarcus Ware become a Who Dat Favrite next year.
03/11/2014 11:55PM
We don't get paid the big $$$ they do to make these decisions if you are a real fan all you should say is WHO DAT WHO DAT BABY nothing negative WHO DAT
03/12/2014 1:04AM
Who Dat Fan
Good Luck Jenkins I will miss u and the rest of the guys. Thanks for the great years. But looking for a new season. GOD BLESS to ALL. WHO DAT
03/12/2014 9:16AM
Good, I see high school players who tackle and cover better than he did. That said he was a class guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03/12/2014 10:25AM
Sad to see Malcolm go but I wish him the best.
03/12/2014 3:25PM
A Little Scared
While I like Drew Brees, I just don't think he is worth the money he is being paid (actually none of the quarterbacks are worth what they are getting paid--it's a team effort) and would like to have seen his contract renegotiated so they would have had enough money to pay the guys they let go. Good luck to all the guys who were let go. I'll be following you when football season starts again.
04/27/2014 6:43PM
Especially darnshame Really? Payton stupid?? Wow you need to get a grip and look at what he and Mickey have done with our personnel decisions thru the years we won a freaking SuperBowl and if we are to win another one we need to get faster,stronger,ie younger trust these guys we will be OK
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